University of Kentucky, video

Elizabeth Tipton

Elizabeth Tipton
A-S285 Lens Art

This video was created to show the journey of an individual who has experienced negativity that has directly affected her. Throughout the video, she comes to acknowledge her own power and is able to overcome the negative experiences.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Tipton”

  1. Beautiful shots. The focus is perfect on all of them. I really enjoy the creativity of reversing the clips where the brush is taking the paint off the body.

  2. The first shot that tracks to the side was very well done and effective. I also thought the scene where her arm is extended and in focus the focus shifts to her face was great. however it didn’t seem like in that shot the camera was able to focus on her face as well as it could have been. It seemed like they were struggling to get into focus for a moment.

  3. I like the color in the video and the focus was good. I am having a hard time relating the text included with the video with the video itself. Is the paint suppose to represent negativity, and the hand applying it the concept of it being external?

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