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Noah Fidlin

Noah Fidlin
Art 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Prints
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“For this collection, I wanted to give my work a bit of a dated feel, reflecting on the photography of the midcentury, 1970s and 1990s. I was really inspired by the photography that I came across on Pinterest over and over again that was inspired or taken with analog film. While none of my photos, at least in this collection, were taken with film, I tried to reflect this style as best as I could through paying close attention to the coloring, lighting, blur and grain of the photos, also adding a couple scratches here or there.”

12 thoughts on “Noah Fidlin”

  1. I think you were particularly successful with your idea of mimicking midcentury film photography in the first image. The grain and dust added are subtle and believable, the coloring is warm and feels older, and the subject seems staged as a journalist from the seventies. I like the border as well, which implies a Polaroid shot.

  2. You have definitely recreated the film look in these photos. The grain with a hight iso, sometimes the split toning of the film can be a certain color, and there’s also dust and scratched from the film itself. What I found the most interesting what how you lowered the quality of each image to match the quality of film. Usually just applying color changes and grain to a digital image will just make it look fake, but really thinking about quality made these effective.

  3. You’ve done an amazing job replicating all the amazing aspects of film here: the grain, the scratches, the faded hues, etc. Before reading the description, I thought to commend you for embracing those imperfections that we often attempt to edit from film photos. Knowing these details were completely intentional and “handmade,” per se, I love this work even more!

  4. I really love the look of this; I thought you did a great job of mimicking film especially with the color and grainy style. The blanket in the background of the last photo was an excellent idea to use to capture the 70s-90s. Love the photos job well done

  5. I specifically like the first photo in this series. I like that you incorporated a brick background; the red in the bricks sticks out and contrasts against the neutral tones of your clothing. I also like how the lines in the brick pattern are interrupted by your own image, bringing emphasis to the subject and your camera in the middle.

  6. I love how you added in dust and scratches. The colors work really well with what you are going for. I’d be interested in seeing what else you did and how you manipulated it to make it feel like a different era.

  7. I definitely get that 1970’s vibe from this collection of shots between the imagery you’ve chosen and style you’ve executed. I am particularly drawn to the last shot in this series. I enjoy the subtle blur, and muted colors. Nice work.

  8. You did a great job making digital photos look like they are film! The coloring and edits you made look like they have that older style. Great job!

  9. If you hadn’t mentioned in your description that these are not film photography, I wouldn’t have known. It is an interesting concept to try to depict analogue photography using digital media. I think you have done a really good job with distortion and additional filters on your image. My favorite is the second image as it has a unique framing.

  10. I use film a lot and i think you did a good job at mimicking the grainy, dusty look of film. You might also want to experiment with light leaks or perhaps even a tint you could put on all of the photos to create a cohesive look throughout. A really fun concept and one that I think is becoming more and more popular as people want to return to “vintage” aesthetics.

  11. If I hadn’t have read the text along with your images I would have assumed they were taken with film. I like that you added some many film aspects to your digial images, especially the film scratches. The first image reminds me of a polaroid because of the boarder you added. At first I didn’t care for the final image because of the blurr, but after looking at it longer I think it adds to the nostalgical feel to the series.

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