2 thoughts on “Noah Meade”

  1. Very interesting use of movement in your shots. They seemed to connect to each other as they transitioned. I like how it started with simple nature shots and progressed to more interesting and complex shots.

  2. It took me a few times watching it through but I came to a conclusion about it. To me this video not only speaks to the way the physical world relates the digital world but how all things both macrocosmic and microcosmic relate to everything else via Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (pun totally intended). The last two scenes display this perfectly with the spinning figure on a string (effects of gravity) to the shot of the earth spinning in space (effects of gravity). The only thing I would change is the sound. While the song you chose is nice I feel that something similar to the theme song to Cosmos or Star Trek would give the film more of a feeling of amazement and wonder. In any case, I love this film and think it is genius!

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