12 thoughts on “Victoria Rundhaug”

  1. These photos have a cinematic feel to them because of how theyre shot and the colors that make them up. The long exposure of the street will definitely create light streaks but I enjoy the still cars too. It portrays the passing of time and I like that.

  2. I always love long exposure photos that play with light, especially when the lights used are from headlights. My only critique of both photos, and in particular the first one, would be to create a more dramatic effect by bringing down the highlights and also bringing down the shadows to see the lights and lines more clearly.

  3. I like how the picture is not focused on one thing but just showing how light moves through a picture and helps make the picture more eye appealing to someone.

  4. Wow, I have never seen a picture look so good. I love how the light captures the viewers attention. I also like the showing from the light, I think brings out the light more. Keep up the good work.

  5. Really like these two pictures! In my opinion the light trails you’ve captured are pleasing to the eye. The only thing I would’ve done differently is capture the image from a different angle to avoid the car that’s still.

  6. I really like these cohesive pictures! Between the way the lines of lights break up the image to the pop of red between the two, these snapshots capture attention when scrolling through. The use f-stop and shutter speed here are pretty well executed in the way that these lights are creating a sense of commotion although the city seems pretty bare at this time of night. The bright white lights create lines that allows your eyes to dance around the image and focus on different areas. I also enjoy the pop of color, and since red is such a strong color there is a focal point! Overall, great images.

  7. I like the long exposure that was used to take these photos. I like that there is a car stopped along with the moving car turned out to be a really cool photo. The way you captured it makes it look like the street is busy and moving.

  8. I think your images have a lot of potential. Night photography is really hard. The first image is over exposed. Perhaps play around with exposure and shutter speed more; higher iso always helps. The composition of the first image looks a little under-thought as well. The second image has a better exposure, though it is still too brights. Maybe you can even fix these in photoshop.

  9. I love how you captured light within these photos and how you use that light to create movement. I specifically like the second photograph and how the ground close to you is very detailed and in-focus and as you look up to the center and top of the image, it blurs to create movement. It almost feels as if you’re standing still watching life pass by. I like the top photograph as well and the use of strong colors like red and blue. However, I think the light is almost too strong and you lose some of the potential of the image.

  10. I love how the moving lights look on a dark night. It makes the town look very busy and crowded. The colors are very vibrant and a little blurry I could see if they were a little brighter it would make the picture a little more clear.

  11. I’m a real sucker for well-done long exposure photography, and here you have achieved a great balance between normal imagery and the ghostly streaks of the cars by framing stationary cars prominently. The orange, washed-out look is very visually pleasing, and the shift to blue in the cooler lights really contrasts well with it. The visual overstimulation of bright car lights in the dark night is really well conveyed in a single frame by the overexposure of the frames.

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