Rollins College, video

Tara Gallagher

Tara Gallagher
Class: ART 310 – Introduction to Video Art

Music is integrated into every part of our lives. Whether we actively listen while playing or driving, use it as a tool to help with studying, or hear it in the background at a party, there is a song to fit every mood or desire. Specific lyrics and melodies resonate with us, and we associate certain songs with objects or places. Why do we do this? This piece dissects the musical quality of discrete objects and spaces by juxtaposing silent visuals with the plain, white text featuring fragments of intentionally vague song lyrics. This seemingly discordant combination provokes viewers to think about the significance of particular songs, why they influence us in the way that they do, and why certain phrases are relatable or relevant to ourselves.

The piece is comprised of a series of vignettes varying in length similar to the manner of distinct sentences in a well-written essay or poem; it both slows and speeds up engagement, prompting the viewer to linger and pause, or even anticipate the next action. Each vignette depicts an action with implied sound, leading the viewer to superimpose an imagined soundtrack over the visuals. There is no clear narrative, and the video runs on a loop, suggesting a cyclical timeline or the absence of time. Though these objects and spaces may be personal, they have been abstracted to emphasize the musical qualities possessed by both the text and the visual, together.

1 thought on “Tara Gallagher”

  1. I really enjoy the diptic look with the text next to the video. Some shots were maybe a bit long though, such as the opening one.

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