29 thoughts on “Corby Deford”

  1. You have definitely captured very aesthetically pleasing elements of these building designs. Not only have you captured how windows or brick structures have been designed, but you have incorporated how logos and words are used as well. I usually do not like incorporating words or brands into art but you have seemed to find a great way to represent it.

  2. I love architecture photos! I especially really enjoy the dichotomy of your second photograph. It has a sense of playfulness to it that your other stray away from, but for good reason. I think as a whole I would have chosen another image from your first. I think the angle is a bit different than your others and another could have achieved a flatter surface. I do like the repetition in the second and third though with the smooth and textured repetitions.

  3. I’m particularly drawn to the second image here, which to me is the most compositionally sound. I enjoy how color does as much work as lines in breaking up the frame.

  4. The focus on the words in the first photograph casts a 3D composition. In the same way, the darker color that is portrayed as the background gives the image an eye opener considering the words are in a lighter color.

  5. These pictures are ones that grab your eye the second you scroll past them! From the bright pop of colors, to the aesthetically pleasing architecture that creates symmetrical halves and distinct lines, there are constantly reasons for your eyes to dance across the image taking in all that it has captured. I love that although the pictures are different buildings, it still creates a cohesive portfolio due to it’s repetition of patterns and textures seen in all pictures!

  6. The building in general as a whole you may found somewhat boring, but when you took frame of them like this, you can really enjoy a pleasing and artistic form of the building. Great effort, really like how you manage to break things up using line, it’s so satisfying.

  7. The angle on the first photo is very aesthetically pleasing what with the shadows of the letters furthering the three-dimensional aspect of museum name. Crisp, clear and concise.

  8. These photos immediately grabbed by attention. I love the contrast in the first picture and how you it looks 3D. The colors in the second photo are so simple, yet so interesting. The different colored brick and the how the colors of the dog coordinate with the brick.

  9. I really enjoy the pictures. They focus on the architecture of the buildings and are very pleasing on the eyes. I believe the bottom three all portray the architecture and patterns of the bricks on the buildings while the first picture would do the same if zoomed out more. Although as a whole, it is very well done!

  10. I was scrolling through the blog home page and had to stop to take in these pictures. These are amazing photos. I love the sharpness and bright colors that are used and exaggerated in them. The textures in each photo are distinct but so clear and I feel like I can feel what each building is like through these pictures.

  11. I really love the image of the Greyhound station–the multiple textures of the photo make it really visually appealing. The third photo is also really cool and I think you did a nice job with the saturation of the bricks.

  12. The symmetry in your second and third photos is certainly aesthetically pleasing. The third photo especially reminds me of something you would find in a Wes Anderson film, in terms of the bright color and repetition of the windows. While I enjoy the first image for the bold contrast of the text and shadows against the wall, I would agree with Caitlin that it doesn’t fit with the other two images as well.

  13. The colors in these are fabulous. In the first photo I think you do a great job of using highlights and shadows. I think the second and last photo have a great perspective — super straight and wide. All your photos have great lines (especially the last two with horizontal). They definitely go together best.

  14. I love how you were able to capture the buildings in the last two photographs. The patterns in each are very aesthetically pleasing. Specifically, in the second photograph, I like how the brick pattern is interrupted by different objects / designs. Using color to define such strong line aspects creates the sense that two different photos were almost cut out and pasted together.

  15. I love the pictures you took. I also agree the second has a nice composition. I also like how you did not center the dog and put some attention on the building as well. I like the pattern in the building in the third image.

  16. I LOVE the architecture of the red building, it looks so beautiful and vibrant and i glad it came out to be a perfect picture.and I like how the museum sign, i like the angle how you have taken in.

  17. The bold colors draw me in to these images. The strongest one is the second one, the light down the middle of the image is appealing and easy for the eye to follow. Strong architectural shots.

  18. Of all of these, the bottom image is my favorite. I love how you framed the shot. There is something very satisfying about the symmetry you’ve captured.

  19. The last two shots are great next to each other. The colors of the buildings really play off each other well, and the dog in the second photo offers a nice distraction from the symmetry, which I find really nice!

  20. I really enjoy the contrast of colors and elements in the second and third image. The first image seems a little purposeless and lacks concept; it just seems like a snapshot of a sign you saw and does not quite play with the writing as an element. Perhaps you can find other angles and perspectives.

  21. I love these images. In the first one the angle drew me to the series. I enjoy how it is not at eye level and you are looking up at it. The other two I love how the lines are. The bright colors bring out the symmetry and uniform in the picture which I love. Overall I love this series, great images!

  22. The colors are absolutely rich! I can picture a whole series of just colorful exteriors. You also did a great job of capturing the facades from head on. Very aesthetically pleasing. The public museum one seems a little out of place with the other two.

  23. Great pics! I especially love the one of the red brick building. There is a great use of pattern in that one and the blue in the windows really make them pop.

  24. These shots are very eye catching especially considering how relatively simple these shots are. I really like the contrasting colors in the second photo. I really like the third photo because of the background detail of having some of the shades closed or down and some of them are open. My eyes are really drawn to look and search in each of the windows.

  25. These shots although seem to be of different subjects seem to have a common theme in aesthetics. The colors and compositions are pleasing to the eye and capture the essence of the city. Bright and dark contrasts help these images pop, this is why most people are drawn to this series. I love all your colors the most, great job!

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