3 thoughts on “Corby Deford

  1. You have definitely captured very aesthetically pleasing elements of these building designs. Not only have you captured how windows or brick structures have been designed, but you have incorporated how logos and words are used as well. I usually do not like incorporating words or brands into art but you have seemed to find a great way to represent it.

  2. I love architecture photos! I especially really enjoy the dichotomy of your second photograph. It has a sense of playfulness to it that your other stray away from, but for good reason. I think as a whole I would have chosen another image from your first. I think the angle is a bit different than your others and another could have achieved a flatter surface. I do like the repetition in the second and third though with the smooth and textured repetitions.

  3. I’m particularly drawn to the second image here, which to me is the most compositionally sound. I enjoy how color does as much work as lines in breaking up the frame.

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