6 thoughts on “James Viall III”

  1. I’m enjoying parts of this photo a lot but I’m also left with a few questions. I love the composition of the subject sitting in a small window pane looking out, as well as the values keeping most of the photo dark, but without losing important detail. I really would like to know the context of this photo, and why it was taken and what it means, only because I find this photo hard to work when it’s just by itself.

  2. I really like the contrast of the lights and darks with this photo. It even goes down to the clothing that’s being worn. It’s a beautiful silhouette with the soft light coming through and slightly around the subject. I almost want to see the face or have another photo of the face. I think a really interesting technique that you could use here would be the ghosting effect and having the head turned through the photo.

  3. Really effective use of composition, light and contrast to set a particularly reflective and withdrawn mood around the subject. The intensity of the darks on outer thirds require the viewer to look directly into the window, where the most detail is on the subject. Certainly it would be a completely different image, but I’m curious about how giving more information in the dark areas would change the scene.

  4. I like how the picture is focused on the girl in the window and everything else is blacked out so your eyes go right towards the girl in the window.

  5. I enjoy the picture as well as the way you want to focus on the girl looking out of the window. However, the darkness overall really take away all the details that should make the picture looks more interesting. Try to have a closer angle and capture the details on the girls face, as well as somewhat actions happening outside the window.

  6. You see more than shadows and highlighting in this image. I like how it tells a story of the girl and allows your imagination to see the picture in a different way.

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