23 thoughts on “James Viall III”

  1. Nice close-ups. I like the composition of the first image. But I do feel the images are a bit underexposed. They might look better if shot under sunlight.

  2. These look like a lot of fun. Plus cookies were hopefully made afterwards. In all seriousness, I love the fact that the backdrop matches the scooper. It’s working with the subject instead of taking the subject out of the setting. I would have liked one a bit farther away as a series just to maybe get the sense of place. just like the bowl or pan it was used within but I still really like seeing the fine details of the cookie dough and everything within the scoop.

  3. I think the close up puts more emphasis on the subject and makes so that the backdrop doesn’t draw attention from the subject. Great use of that method.

  4. The sharp detailed focus of the spoon in the last photograph makes the cookie dough stand out with the help of the distinctly fuzzy background.

  5. I do like the fact that these images are shot close up but if you were to redo the pictures I believe they would look better if there was more light on the subject since the photos do look underexposed.

  6. I love these shots I can smell the cookies baking and taste the batter. It makes me feel as if I am there making the cookies. I love how close up you made it making it more of an art rather than just a photo of cookie batter.

  7. I agree with a more exposing picture of the scenery as a whole, but the picture and quality is excellent. Positively speaking, I feel as if I smell cookies through the pictures! It does create. Nice imagery.

  8. I really enjoy the close-ups. It made for great detail on every image and gave plenty of detail. The food looked amazing too!! I look forward to future pictures.

  9. For some reason I really enjoy these simple, yet well taken pictures! The subject matter I personally love since I am addicted to cookie dough, but I like the photographer took pictures of something most people wouldn’t think of. The angles and up close shots are clear and show the same object in different ways; ways that are all appealing as viewers scroll by. I love that although the pictures are close you can sense a great deal of texture and balance between the background and foreground. Overall, very strong pictures!

  10. James,
    I appreciate the close up shot within these pictures. The close up shot allows make definite detail. Personally, I agree with the comments above that I love the subject matter because the photo creates an urge to eat cookie dough or bake some cookies. I do agree that not a lot of photographers would think to capture such a simple idea of taking a picture of cookie dough on a spoon.

  11. I really like the way these photos bring back a very vivid memory of making cookies with my grandma. These photos have a very strong composition but I also feel like a little more light is needed or a higher ISO setting.

  12. This seems like it would be so much fun to shoot. I really enjoy that the pictures are taken very up close because you are forced to look at a certain object. I feel that if these had a tiny bit more light then you’d really be able to see the cookie dough shine and give off a fresh feeling. Overall love the idea and all the pictures!

  13. I really enjoy the different angles of the pictures showing the cookie dough in the spoon. The texture really pops out to me and the shadows and lighting are strong in each one

  14. I love how you framed these images and the depth of them. I would say the depth of field could have been a little bit higher. There are parts that I wish were a little bit more in focus. I think that would really make the images a litter more crisp. If you increase the exposer a little, I feel like it draw mores attention to the texture of the cookie dough and takes the shot to the image to the next level.

  15. The imagery here really makes me want cookies. These images are very textural, clear and sharp. To me, I can’t pull any meaning out of these photos besides them being for food or commercial purposes.

  16. This piece captures the feeling of baking. It brings a warm feeling of when I finally finishing prepping the dough and looking forward to eating the dough. The angles of the spoon with the delicate rim of dough could definitely be seen in cook books. The photo gathers a lot of focus on the texture of the dough which is currently making me imagine the smell of cookies.

  17. I like that you can feel the texture. You have captured the details really well. I noticed the size of the prints you have mentioned. I would actually suggest going bigger than that!

  18. I love the detail shown with the close-up of these images. You really captured so much more than what others would see when just looking at this with the naked eye.

  19. I love how the depth of field is very accurate here and how the close up is looking good. I love the colour combinations which are been used for this photograph too.

  20. I agree with what has been said in the comments above. The composition of the photos are stunning and would only increase with a little more light on them.

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