James Viall III

James Viall III
Art 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Print(s)
12” x 8 (Photos 1-4), 15” x 10” (Photos 5-8)
8 images in series

Notes: “For this assignment I essentially created a record of a supernatural incident, making and photographing a case file and then staging photographs of the ‘incident’ itself. There are 8 photos in the series : 4 of the case file and 4 of the incident – these are the ones of the ‘incident,’ photos 5-8.”

3 thoughts on “James Viall III

  1. There is definitely an aspect of the supernatural in these photographs. I love the ghosting you’re doing with the subject as well as the spotlight effect from the first image. I feel like it would be really easy to slip into the cliche when it comes to long exposure “ghost” images but I think yours stands out. I’m really enjoying the second image… it reminds me of witchcraft, or of some ghost sighting.

  2. These colors are really nice with the darkness of these prints. I think it helps create this eerie effect that is really difficult to get in photos. I also enjoy the ghosting effect in these as well. It really solidifies the mood and atmosphere that is coming across. I would have liked to see more colors maybe just to have a range but the ones in this series are working really well together and I’d like to see more.

  3. Nice series, I think you’ve successfully communicated the unfolding of an event. Your use of lighting and light painting in a wooded, night time setting definitely are central to implying the supernatural incident. Yet I also notice how important the colors are to setting the tone of these images.

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