9 thoughts on “James Viall III”

  1. The neutral background works well here and keeps your eye on the subject. Also, very interesting choice of subject as it goes against what would be considered the norms when eating those items. Certainly draws attention in.

    1. I really love the textures that these pictures possess. The image of the plate, spoon, unfinished food and the neutral background makes all the colors vivid and gives imagery to the items like they’re in front of me .

  2. I like the color of the plate, it makes the food subject matter appear framed. The negative space created by the eaten food is interesting. The person who is eating off this plate must not like crusts, or is saving them all until the end of the meal. The angle the image is taken at is cool and gives the effect that the viewer is also the consumer.

  3. The composition of these are absolutely amazing. Is there was anything I would change to make them more cohesive, I would pull back a little bit in the shot of the plat with the pizza just so the plates were all relatively the same size in the image. I love that their all different forms of crust.I never would have thought that some people don’t eat pie crust lol

  4. I really enjoy your attention to details. It would be cool to have a few images of the same dish, but each is a bit more zoomed in than the one before. Also there is a bit of cyan/magenta in the first and second image. Interesting concept overall.

  5. I like how you keep the plat consistant in each photo. I realized I started comparing the food to and was curious how much was eaten. Keeping the crust in each photos is very thought provoking.

  6. James,
    Between the pictures, I enjoy the lighting. Also, I do agree that I enjoy that the pictures are comparing how much was eaten of each piece of food. Personally, I do like how the plate has the ability to give the food a pop of color.

  7. I enjoy the composition of these photos and the negative spaces throughout. I think more light would have enhanced these photos.

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