Sarah Mac

Sarah Mac
A-S 380 Intro to Darkroom
silver prints; 8×10
series name: Breakthrough (total images in series 12)

These are self portraits from a larger series called “Breakthrough”. I want to show that the struggles we go through become a part of us when we overcome them. These pictures are depicting the breakthrough I have found from my genetic disease. I was born with a disease called Hirschsprung and have had 31 surgeries, 4 organs removed, and am currently in pain 24/7. However, I am also one of few patients with this disease that are able to go to college and live on my own. My disease has made me who I am today.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Mac

  1. I love how the description made me view these images in a completely different light. I can definitely see how each photo represents how you live alongside the condition you have. I find it very beautiful that people can not only learn to cope, but bring the condition into their identity. This is what I see in your photos.

  2. I love the composition of the first image. The reflections of light on the bubbles contrast well with the background. The second image seems quiet different from the other two, I believe it is because of the exposure.

  3. I like the lightness of this series. You portray a heavy subject with very few materials and little background which I find helpful, so as to keep in mind the subject, you, rather than the circumstances. I really enjoy the childlike aspect as well that you’ve put into these photos with the bubbles, and the laying out the clothes. i think that portrays alot about you and what the disease has done to your childhood.

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