14 thoughts on “Taylor Biese”

  1. I love the color in this print. Either the light had a yellow tint or you created that in the post process but I really enjoy that yellow saturation. I also really like the composition. You positioned the eggs in the upper third to give the egg whites room in the foreground. I think that just adds to the overall mood and imagery.

  2. I like the different textures shown in the image. The egg white, the bubbles, and the cracked egg shell all looks pleasing to me. It might look better if there are more space on the left and right sides.

  3. The light in this print is gorgeous. I love the deep range of colors that is shown throughout, especially since the view is so close to the subject. it really brings you to feel like you’re near a slimey egg. The straightforward approach also keeps you within that feeling of the egg compared to being farther away or putting it in a harsher rule of thirds.

  4. Like others, I’m very drawn to the side-lighting and yellow coloring of this image. I think it was a strong choice to frame the egg so tight, which really accentuates all the nuances of texture and shape that you are after.

  5. I also agree with everyone, the lighting of this image is just so amazing. The colors and the textures in the image really makes it stand out.

  6. I agree that this image has very bold shade of yellow through out. The bubbles and the shell of the egg have definitive lines and curvature. The lighting is very well done.

  7. I also am drawn to the colors developed with the lighting in this photo. It takes my focus to many aspects of the photo and causes me to think of being that close to an actual egg.

  8. The texture, the color, and the light are working so well with each other in this photo. The light and color are so soft, which is balanced perfectly by the sharp edges that egg shells have. The broken-texture of egg shell also gives me a sense of architecture. Also, the way you place them together make me feel they are together a BUILDING, not just egg shells any more.

  9. Taylor,

    Nice image. The warmth of the overall photo compliments the yolk of the egg, which I find pleasant. The protrusions of the egg itself, and how the light is dancing off those marks make for a really interesting composition.

  10. An unusual way to approach the object that you have over here. I really enjoy the yellow overall color and concentration into the eggs. However, you still mange to put in your picture lots of details, not just the eggs, really make your picture stand out.

  11. The contrast between the sharp, cracked edges of the egg shell and the smooth, shiny egg yolk, along with the lighting, makes this photo very interesting and visually appealing. Good work!

  12. This picture is wonderful. I love the lighting in it, how one side is light and the other side is darker. Having the bubbles out front really shows the liquid texture. Everything in this is placed in a great position and it really allows the viewer to see everything clearly and to be able to take in everything.

  13. The over exposed left corner complements the composition of the eggs and the shading of them. The different textures within the image are very visible and palpable. There is one thing that has become a distraction for me and that is the upper right corner of the image; there is a slight white stroke at the corner that makes it seem like the eggs are in a tilted box!

  14. Tayor,
    I really like the lighting in this picture. The overall tone is yellowish and the shadow created by the lighting really enriches the picture. Also, I like the way you present these two eggs. The bubbles and the crashed eggshells increase the dynamic of the picture.

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