11 thoughts on “Jenny Patton”

  1. I really like the contrast between the black and white and the background! I believe this picture represents a college student because coffee is what fuels the brain for a student!

  2. I see that you have made a collage. I think the outlines of the imported image can be done a little better; you can still see the white hallow around it. The shadow in the photo makes the image more realistic and creates a nice paradox with the concept of the photo.

  3. This photograph reminds me of a typical college students’s experience on a daily life. I like how the photograph of the girl and the coffee container is in black which gives a unique significant that shows that a student’s connection to coffee but also the real world of the student.

  4. This image makes me thing of a person who is dependent on caffeine for energy. I like the contrast of the background and the foreground image, however I think the cut-out is a little rough. The way the coffee is interacting with the individual’s head makes it look like its going right into her head. I wonder how the image would read differently if splash marks were added, to give the effect the liquid was hitting her head and reflecting back off.

  5. i think this is a really fun way of compositing images and i actually like the rough edges. the image is relatable is pretty straightforward. my main critique would just be that considering the wall color is the only color in this photo, i would maybe change it up and make it pop more or make use a different wall that is maybe a bit more intriguing and dynamic.

  6. I really love the contrast in color here. There’s something about the brown background behind a b&w photoshop that give’s me this cardboard-y multi-media effect. AlsoI found it interesting how the coffee pouring out of the pot connects directly to the top of the subjects head. The stream of coffee almost looks like a string connected to and controlling her head. very interesting portrayal.

  7. I really like that your subject looks removed from the background. This makes them really stand out. From this photo I understood coffee as brain power and that this person is dependent on it. I think this is a very interesting photograph.

  8. The first thing that drives my focus is the color choice of the piece. The background is very vibrant yellow and the subjects are monochrome. Given these details I can see where the subject is giving off a depressing or down feeling. Most people see coffee as something that recharges people. However this photo to me shows people’s addiction to coffee and it’s ability to recharge someone stop. We all have addictions to something in our lives that usually have minimal or powerful Consenquences depending on the person. This art really shows the consequence of drinking too much coffee and how the ability to feel better is growing harder.

  9. I love how simple, yet meaningful this photo is. I think adds a nice element of meaning the way that you left the background in color, yet made your subject back and white.

  10. This photo is very simple but yet still very creative. The yellow background really catches my eye and the coffee pot is the creative touch that makes this photo very unique.

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