15 thoughts on “Jenny Patton”

  1. I love the overall feel of this image. The light that softly illuminates her face and her relaxed posture really creates a peaceful environment. I can almost put myself in her position; surrounded by tranquil silence and enveloped in a whole new world spread before me in the pages of a book. Great image overall.

  2. Jenny,

    I like how you’ve gone for a longer depth of field to give us a good idea of the setting. I am drawn towards the light in the background. It seems as if something is about to happen in that space, where the subject may or may not be aware of.

  3. I like how you can feel right there with her reading that book. She looks so involved and deep in thought, which is incredibly photographed. I love the warm light and textures of the background around her.

  4. I feel like this picture can really tell a story. I love the ice on the window and how you can see the show on the ground. The picture shows a lot of details and captures the viewers attention. Great job!

  5. I particularly love this picture. It reminds me of me missing Wisconsin Winter. I just love the setting and also the fact that the lights behind the girl is very vibrant and very beautiful and the true colours of winter.

  6. You have done a great job of having the details in the background show clearly. The light in the corner is not over exposed and balances well with the lighting on the subject. It seems like you are using light probes to light up the person; if so I would suggest making it softer and not so directly from the side. Perhaps light up the face a little bit more.

  7. I absolutely love this photo. The lighting and staging is perfect, but I would have dressed the model differently. The scene is very cozy and warm but she is wearing a summery top. A big sweater would have been more cohesive with the overall feel of the photo to me.

  8. I love how framed this photo is. The subject is centered perfectly and the frame of the window outlines the edges of the photo as well. There’s also a candid nature of this picture too. The photo seems very framed but at the same time I can’t tell if the subject is aware of the camera or not. This is a very overall silent and still image

  9. I love this photo a lot. What I think is really cool is that it looks like the subject is being lit by the street lamp outside, even though it’s an inside light. You also did a great job of preserving the details in the photos, despite it being dark and filled with shadows.

  10. Jenny,
    Personally, I agree with the comments above that took note of the ice on the windows. I believe that, that gives more depth to the picture as well as making the picture look cozy. I agree with the comments up above that addressed that this picture made me want to put on a sweater and cozy up with some hot chocolate. I appreciated the depth that the lightening gave to this picture.

  11. I really enjoy the composition of this image. Obviously I was immediately drawn to the figure reading, but then the bright streetlamp in the lower right drew my attention outside, which opened up more layers in the photo and made it more complex for me in an interesting way.

  12. I think you did a great job with lighting. Your subject stands out and reminds us who (or what) the real subject is. I like how you chose to place them at the window. The background is really interesting.

  13. I really like the depth of field for this photo, you can see not only the girls face clearly but also the things outside through the window which is nice. I believe that there should be a little more light on the girls face to make that the focal point of this photo but other than that I like the photo.

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