16 thoughts on “Nate France”

  1. Dear Nate,
    You have a very artistic eye. I love looking at pictures different buildings. It’s amazing how people can take any old building and then it into a beautiful picture.


  2. I really like your images! They are very powerful. Your subject of the images is really great as well. I like how the 2nd image was taken from a distance because it really shows what the location was like in a way. It feels like I can picture being there because you focused in on that location.

  3. The images lack the whites and blacks; they have an overall grayness to them. I suggest bringing up the filter to get the ends of the spectrum as well. The compositions in both images look great; in both images the elements within the buildings lead the eye to the main component of the composition.

  4. Hey Nate,

    Nice revisiting these shots from last semester. I love how you’ve toned down the contrast to give us seemingly flat images in a dynamic 3D setting. It adds to the uneasiness of these shots.

  5. Nate,
    I find black and white imagery very pleasing to the eye. The majority of pictures that I take tend to be black and white. I enjoyed that you utilized architecture as your subject matter for the photographs.

  6. I love the fact these pictures are in black and white it adds another layer to the photo making it look like there was more thought put in than if it were in color. Black and white photos of architecture are my favorite since there isn’t too much going on as the viewer you are focused on the architecture not why the building is red, very well done.

  7. These images are so powerful! I love the framings, allowing the great 3D feeling.
    So many feelings can be taken from the drama of the old buildings

  8. Lovin the quietness of these abandoned spaces. It really gives context to the history of that space and how time passes. You get a sense oh how that space was used in the past that is kind of all you are left with in viewing these images.

  9. I love the ambiguity in these images, especially the second, of whether these spaces are long abandoned or people just walked out of frame. The second image could easily be a shuttered plant of some sort, but then the latter in the center of the image also looks as though it could have just been propped up and left there earlier that day.

  10. These pictures immediately caught my eye for how you set them up. I imagine that I am in a museum looking at historic photos when I see yours. Well done on setting up the black and white to really add depth to these pictures

  11. The composition of each image is strong and leads the eye to a focal point. It looks like the contrast is a bit washed out though. I think the images would be even stronger if you had more dynamic range of whites and blacks in the pictures.

  12. I believe these pictures are very appealing because the image makes you focus past the closer and easier perceived barriers. Each image draws you to the back patterns and repetitions. The eye naturally wants to look at what’s close up first. But the image is clean and looks nice in Black and White.

  13. I like that these photos are black and white, it gives them a different feel to them that really works with the architecture in the photo. You did a really nice job having the buildings lead your eye to the back of the photo and to the focal point!

  14. These photos are very powerful and effortlessly lead my eye towards the back of the picture. The black and white almost makes the pictures in a way because i dont think if the pictures were in color they would have the same impact.

  15. I love the choice of using black and white to create an old fashioned feel or even a mysterious feeling. I like this piece cause it gets you guessing and thinking of what the theme is. For me I can see abandonment but it can be seen differently for others and I think its a lovely piece!

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