15 thoughts on “Quinn Paskus”

  1. when taking a first glance would find it very dark and sinister. It really captures this feeling well with the environment and especially the helmet. I enjoy the emphasis on the helmet, it made me think there is a deeper story that is behind the helmet. The Landscaping I feel could not have been better. The forest is a great place to shoot thrilling and mysterious shots. I also, thought that your choice of black and white filter goes very well with the dark and intriguing feeling expressed in your photos.

  2. Hello Quinn. I am Photography 1, at Carroll University. While I was viewing your photographs, I enjoyed the black and white affect that you used with your photography. Also, I am fond that you utilized the woods, in your photos. In addition, I adore the budding flowers in front of the mask. The majority of photos that I capture are in the woods.

  3. That first image is intriguing and my favorite out of the three. Just looking at it you can see that there is some sort of giving up, or not a care in the world, but the mask makes it almost inhuman. The mask draws the eyes in to the rest of the body and just holds the attention. The Black & White print definitely adds to the photo as well.

  4. I love the first photo and how the landscape reflects the emotion of the person on the tree. The woods is a favorite of mine and i think this is a very unique shot and I like the way that this photo shows a very unique part of the woods.

  5. In all three images, you have done a great job printing as you have all shades of gray with clear blacks and whites. Your play with depth of field pops different elements within the image. The framing of your photos seem more square, which give a stillness to your images. I am very curious to read an artist statement!

  6. I really enjoy this series; for many reasons such as the theme, contrast and choice of black and white. Although the theme may not be entirely clear, since they are all a cohesive piece it allows the viewer to see the same object, in this case a mask, in different ways. The strong contrast of black and white really creates a dramatic tone that makes the images appear ‘darker’ and more mysterious. Because the photographer chose to do black and white there are less distractions and more visibility of the object being photographed. Overall, very intriguing images.

  7. The contrast and clarity in these photos is wild. The photo in the middle is the strongest in my opinion. It’s almost like a portrait of an inanimate object. Though you may have kept it dark intentionally, I would maybe dodge the log a little bit to brighten it up and bring out more of the log’s texture.

  8. I really love these images. The contrast is absolutely amazing! I think it adds to the vibe that these images are giving off. I would love to hear the concept behind this series.

  9. Hello again! As you know, I love this series. Using medium format film to portray this cinematic effect is an awesome choice. It gives a nicer tonal range, higher quality, and bigger photos. I love this concept too. It’s very cohesive and tells narrative on the life of “people” after people.

  10. Hi Quinn. I am currently a student at Carroll University and I absolutely love these photos. I love the contrast and the black and white used in the images. It gives them a dark and eerie look that really puts all the focus on one object.

  11. the tonal range you were able to keep in these photos is amazing. I think you did a nice job framing the subject matter and having a strong focus point in each image. I am interested to read what the narrative behind the photos is. The second image almost looks like a figure is emerging from the earth.

  12. I love the tones and eery sense given off by all of these photos. The lighting also works perfect with the overall theme of the photos.

  13. This series of photos are in a great unity and in an interesting order. I also like the composition of the first photo. There is a large space above the person and the below part is in a darker tone. That creates a feeling of gravity which works in cooperation with the gesture of the person.

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