7 thoughts on “Quinn Paskus”

  1. This picture is very interesting. The b&w adds a lot to the voice of the picture along with the reflection and the gloominess in the first picture. This art is inspiring to attempt to. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love the symmetry and the imagery of the first photo and I love how the rocks in the second picture lead up to the mask which puts all the focus on the mask. Using black and white for these photos also makes it aesthetically pleasing.

  3. The images look very well printed. In the first image, I suggest fixing any color spots (white spots due to dust) to avoid distraction. In the first image, you have focused the camera on the image of the person and that plays really well with the concept of the image: it takes a while to tell if the image is upside down or not. I appreciate the depth of field and aperture in the second image. Great job!

  4. Some of my favorite pictures once again! The symmetry in the first picture really grasps a person’s attention and the black and white make them very aesthetically pleasing.

  5. I enjoy seeing this narrative evolving. I have to say though I prefer the mask disembodied. Somehow it keeps the story a bit more open to interpretation in a way that I like.

  6. Quinn,
    I like the black and white theme between both of the pictures. Also, I enjoy the vantage points that was used for the pictures.

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