photography, St. Norbert College

Taylor Biese

Taylor Biese
ART 380 // Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Kiss Goodbye (2017)
Digital Print, 17.5 x 23 inches

The assignment was to create a deadpan image that left the viewer with very little clues. I thought I could take advantage of my state of mind, and show externally how I am feeling internally. I have been hiding my true internal self for so long, it was nice to finally let it out. I recently got out of a relationship where my feelings were denied and minimized and I was told I was useless. I wasn’t allowed to show anyone how trapped I felt, and I stayed. I was taken away from my friends, family, work, school, and I eventually stopped fighting back. I numbed myself to stop the anxiety, despair and frustration I felt. So yes, in the image I look sad, but I also hope to look strong and finally willing to stand up for myself. This image is the representation of me coming to realize I am only human. I have emotions and it is okay to show it.