photography, St. Norbert College

Taylor Biese

Taylor Biese
ART 380 // Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Kiss Goodbye (2017)
Digital Print, 17.5 x 23 inches

The assignment was to create a deadpan image that left the viewer with very little clues. I thought I could take advantage of my state of mind, and show externally how I am feeling internally. I have been hiding my true internal self for so long, it was nice to finally let it out. I recently got out of a relationship where my feelings were denied and minimized and I was told I was useless. I wasn’t allowed to show anyone how trapped I felt, and I stayed. I was taken away from my friends, family, work, school, and I eventually stopped fighting back. I numbed myself to stop the anxiety, despair and frustration I felt. So yes, in the image I look sad, but I also hope to look strong and finally willing to stand up for myself. This image is the representation of me coming to realize I am only human. I have emotions and it is okay to show it.

25 thoughts on “Taylor Biese”

  1. Taylor,

    Heavy stuff. I think from a technical standpoint the photo is great. Lighting is on point with the back highlights showing off. You’re message is powerful, and I get a sense of that through the photo before even having read your statement.

  2. Aside from the subject of the photo, this photo visually evokes emotion in several different ways. First, through the use of the muted color palette; second, the shadows behind the subject; third, the lighting from underneath; and last, the symmetrical placement of the subject in the middle of the photo. All of these factors together create a powerful, dynamic photo that captures your artistic vision for the portrait. Well done!

  3. I’m enjoying how your lighting contributes to that concept you described. This picture definitely puts you on the spotlight and exposes a part of you that not everyone sees. I also have to praise those tear streaks. Real or not, they add a lot to the image.

  4. Taylor,
    I appreciated the emotion behind the picture, which I could identify by the make up running down the woman’s face. Personally, I enjoyed the purple background that defines the outline of the woman’s body. Also, I noticed the shadowing behind the woman that assisted the woman’s shape.

  5. I think the lighting choice here is very interesting, the angles of the shadows above her shoulders and against her collarbone are striking in comparison to the soft but bright light that covers most of her body.

  6. Before reading the description of this piece I could tell the emotion of the picture- still, sad, and lonely. Which is what the description had stated. I love the raw composition of the picture. One thing I would change is how the shadows in the back are. I feel it takes away from the emotion trying to be portrayed.

  7. I love this picture. It gives us emotions to be believed into the picture. I love background of the pink and how the picture gets the girl’s image on it and how it shows the girls posture accurate.

  8. I really love the meaning behind this photo. You did a really nice job conveying your feelings into a photograph. I like that the light is positioned for the shadow to be seen right behind the person which adds a cool effect to the photo.

  9. I love this picture! Great use of lighting and shadowing. I also enjoy how the girl not only gives off a sense of emotion of anger and sadness but the background does as well as red colors symbolize anger.

  10. Maybe I’m reading into the lighting too much but I enjoy how you positioned the light below you so in a way it looks as if you are rising above. The image and text are powerful and resonating. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Unlike everyone else, I cannot give this photo high praise. This lighting feels very melodramatic. What is the purpose of having the light source come from below? This creates more of a spooky campfire story vibe. Or even a recreation of what a barbie doll could look like, showing the human side of something we try to project perfection in.
    I think the concept is good because its real, but sometimes, as artists, we have to think about if this is necessary enough to become art, to change and impact others. Because not everything we go through as people needs to be or can be or is ready to be.

  12. I really like this picture! You did a great job with the lighting and shadows in the image. The symmetry and composition in this picture is great. I think you did a really good job capturing this image.

  13. I think you did a great job communicating what was in your description through the photo itself. The intense lighting from below really helped create the vulnerable yet strong feeling your described.

  14. This is a very emotional photo. Every aspect of it — the background, the makeup, the lighting — adds to the message. I really believe that this is a great photo and a topic that needs to be talked about more.

  15. The shadow really grabbed my attention when I first looked at the photograph. As I kept staring at it, to me it looked like smoke instead of a shadow which I think makes the photograph unique in my perspective. The warm colors all blend in together which make the photo really stand out. The glare of the lighting on the models face gives it a great amount of attention.

  16. I love the depth of this photo and the emotions it brings to the viewer. The shadow behind the girl adds another aspect to view rather than the girl herself.

  17. The emotion in this picture is what is truly intriguing. With a great image, comes a great story and I really feel that this image displays just that; a story. Although in this case it isn’t the happiest one, the viewer can feel the pain and maybe even relate to the photographer. For the image itself, it has good composition and the colors are a good contrast of each other. Overall, this image is very strong!

  18. The lighting you created for this image does a good job of conveying the emotion you are trying to portray. It seems like you are emerging from the light, but you are also surrounded by shadow.

  19. Dear Taylor,
    This image really makes you think! It also makes you wanting to know more! I really like the shadowing behind the the girl, it makes her stand out more. Good job:)

  20. The lighting in this shot makes the background looks very lively. Before reading the description of this image I got a feeling of darkness because of the shadows on the face. This piece really says a lot and its very intriguing!

  21. I think that the concept is powerful and props to you for allowing your audience to see this. The emotion really comes through in this image.

  22. First of all, thank you for showing so much courage and strength by uploading this picture and opening up to so many people.
    About the image, I really like the use of contrasting colors to evoke emotions and a different perspective to the subject. Even though it looks like you made some botchy edits, I feel that it fits this photo.

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