23 thoughts on “Molly Redfern”

  1. I am a huge fan of shining images on different objects. I love the eerie effect it gives off and how it makes the eye look closely to either figure out what the image is or the objects it’s projected on. Nice photos!

  2. I love how different and original these images are. The dark background makes each item that has color pop out. The texture is very crisp and my eye wanders to all edges of the photos.

  3. This series of projection on an object is very unique! I’ve seen things similar but I particularly like these because of the fact you have to think of what you are looking at, and what it might mean. The contrast between the dark blues and blacks to the sharp yellows or whites makes the images stand out, as well as the vivid lines shown in the first image of the pyramids. Overall, I really enjoy these images and the creativity put into it’s creation.

  4. I am really enjoying the projections here! My favorite would either be the first or the third photo because I can easily distinguish between the physical subject of the photo and the projection. These photos make me wonder about why you chose to compare such “random” images. Pyramids on a lamp? A monkey on a basketball hoop?

  5. Molly,
    In your photos, I like how you used a projector to place images onto other items. I like the use of artificial light within your photos.

  6. These photographs, specifically the second two are very eye catching. The contrast of having the illuminated trees in the second and backboard of the third really draws your eyes to them but then also makes you look in the background to try and get a better sense of whats going on.

  7. I love what you’ve done here both stylistically and thematically. You have a very cool take on the classic camera obscura look. The first image is especially compelling. I like how you combined a very plain, modern object like a lamp and something as grandiose as the pyramids (which are so old I almost consider them natural).

  8. The first photograph, the lamp gives the background of the pyramids a 3-D visual effect. The blue gives the pyramids a real upshot especially having the people in the photograph in a smaller focus.

  9. These photos are very intriguing. They remind me of those photographers that make the room into a camera and project images into rooms. I like that they take a second to figure out. The colors in the first one have really good contrast as well.

  10. OMG I love your use of light and your idea to show how artificial the light is and its effect on the current society now. I love your chosen objects for projections! I am planning on using projection in my project recently too! And your work is definitely inspiring to me !

  11. I really enjoy the last picture of the basketball hoop. The lighting of the image is perfect. It creates an idea of the setting you were in. In all of your images, you picked the right depth settings because they all stand out so well. Great images.

  12. I really love the balance between artificial light and nature you have in these three photos. Its interesting how in the first photo you projected an image of man made structure onto a man made wall and a man made lamp. That one especially speaks to me about humans obsession with conquering nature. The second two I really appreciate the interaction between artificial light and nature. For me, the third photo is most coherent with the short statement you accompanied with the photos.

  13. I love how the colors pop within each of these photos. I also love how you used projections on everyday objects and how they seem to distort and make the images more interesting to the eye.

  14. These photos are intriguing to look at and I like the concept you are trying to convey. I am having some trouble understanding the subject matter choices though. Most of what I’m seeing in the images looks like it was human made. I think the concept would be better conveyed if you used natural objects and projected unnatural light sources on to them.

  15. I really enjoy these projections and how the light refracts off of the objects in interesting ways. It kind of alters the perspective for a lot of the subjects which I find unique. Nice work!

  16. I love the angles that these were all taken at. I also really enjoy the subject matter. It is very different and unique and it catches your eye. Great sense of perspective in these images.

  17. Interesting subject matter that draws the viewers attention around the whole image. It really made me analyze every detail of each image in this set. The contrast between the dark background and the small pops of color and brightness in the subject are very alluring.

  18. I love your use of a projector screening your work. This is very impressive. My favorite one may be the pyramid image. The projector camouflages the lamp with the wall so smoothly. Photography using a projector screen as the subject is a concept I’ve wanted to do for a while. This is inspiring to me.

  19. Molly, this photo set explores interesting ideas through the use of projecting imagery of nature upon everyday objects. The distortions created by the projection on a 3D object evoke an eerie tone and a sense of general uneasiness, which may tie into your theme of the effects of humans on the environment. The use of contrast and color are captivating. I especially love the basketball hoop image.

  20. There’s something very creepy about this set of photos. It might be because they’re all set at night time and you’re displaying a bright screen against these dark images, or it might be because of the colors. Either way, I think you have a very distinct way of creating your images which is a good way to stand out. The basketball and lamp image really remind me of a scene in a horror movie. I really like the way you have set the mood for each of the pictures and I kind of want to see the whole series of this.

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