9 thoughts on “Amanda Delaney”

  1. I really like the angle that these photos were shot at, The vibrancy of the orange barriers provide a nice vibrant contrast against the neutral colored background.

  2. These images are intriguing because they leave me wondering why the signs and cones are placed there, as there doesn’t seem to be any construction. As far as the photos themselves, I would brighten up the shadows in the first image as some of the details are being lost. And then the perspective in the second image is making me feel like I’m missing information about that cone on the far left.

  3. I love how these images leave the viewer asking questions. The angle of the second photo makes the image more interesting and appealing to the eye. I like how the orange in the cones and the sign contrasts against the natural background. This gives the images almost an eerie tone, as the color orange does often indicate caution.

  4. I love the eerie vibe given off by these images. The one with the sign has great lighting and I love how theres a clear focal point in it.

  5. I love the crime scene feeling that these images give off. It is so gloomy making the bright orange really pop and stand out. I like how it is simple construction objects making it feel like something bad is happening or something bad happened already. I overall really love these pictures.

  6. The interesting and varied angles really peaked my interest into these photos. The bright colors of the construction cones against the natural backdrop really makes one wonder what they are doing there. Awesome job!

  7. Looking at these two photos I can feel that you created a very interesting narrative. I want to also note that the orange in the sign is very defined and helps emphasize were to look. While the yellow of the tape helps guide the eye around the photo.

  8. I like how much the orange pops against the almost eerie neutral background. While they are everyday objects, the angles and lighting draws the audience in.

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