20 thoughts on “Connor Cox”

  1. The portraits themselves are really nicely done. However, the vignette stands out as a little too strong and noticeable in the last one for me. I like how the font of the inscriptions makes the photos look like film stills. The way the mediums sort of blend together creates unique interactions between the individual photos.

  2. I enjoy how the text at the bottom of the images makes it appear as though you are looking at a screenshot from a subtitled film. It adds a unique sense of character to each photo, and compliments the contents of the photos as well. The cool color scheme in the first two photos elicits a sense of melancholy, and the vignette in the last image enhances the isolation of the model. The depth of field used in your images is appropriate as well.

  3. The caption for the third image is clever and compliments the image. However, I don’t think the captions for first and second image are adding any element. They are reiterating the feeling of the image and they are too direct. Additionally, the subjects don’t seem to be talking in the image so the caption becomes redundant. The images themselves are constructed well. I would pull back from the vignette. Cyan tone on the first image is really nice.

  4. Connor,
    In the first picture, I enjoy how the woman is in focus but the background is out of focus. I enjoy how the woman’s portrait was taken. I like how the city’s background is blue as well as a cooler tone. In the second image, I enjoy how the only light brightening up the photo is the lamp. Also, I like how in the mirror the viewer has the ability to see the chandelier that cannot be seen within the photo. In the last image, I like how the viewer has the ability to see the reflection of the street light and commotion across from the building.

  5. I love these portraits so much. Also love the comments at the bottom. Well done!!!

    The first picture looks very professional. I like how it is done. The blue colour mixes into the scene makes it look professional and very vibrant.

  6. This series does a great job of capturing the emotions on their subjects faces, it is also very nice to see a line of text illustrating what is going on in their minds, furthering the mood of the series. The cool tones in each photograph also highlight the overall theme of this set. I love it.

  7. The first picture looks like a still straight out of a movie and is very well done. I like how the captions in each photo aren’t distracting but add to the mood of the picture. I do think that the vignetting could be reduced in the last photo.

  8. I enjoy the idea of having captions on the photos. My favorite picture of the three is the last one. I like the last one the most because I just find it funny and it really applies in today’s world. I understand where you were going with the captions and images in the first two but i feel like there was a slight gap between them. The images alone are very strong and i enjoy them.

  9. I like the continual theme of the dark outlining/lighting and the captions. I could see these pictures used in some sort of mental health video to promote awareness. I enjoy the different sources and uses of the lighting to bring out the subject in these photos as well.

  10. These images are so visually pleasing and I can honestly just continue looking at them for a long time. They seem so simplistic yet have such a deeper meaning which makes the set of images stand out.

  11. I really enjoy the text and photo combination. The captions really help to explain what the photographer was thinking while taking the photo, really nice work!

  12. The first image is very successful primarily because of the glow of the city lights that highlights the central subject’s face and emotional state. She looks subtly uncomfortable but sort of defeated and maybe even depressed from her surroundings at the same time. The bright yellow and white glow of the city lights against the darker blue tint is a nice contrast. Along with this, the subject being the only thing in focus exacerbates the focus on how she is feeling within her environment. The people in the background are focused on their own activities and all blend together with the blur.

  13. These texts really strengthens your theme here. They are kind of humorous. And these portraits on themselves are really emotionally rich pictures. The bokeh is gorgeous in the third picture, and the tone of the second picture is attracting. All in all, great work!

  14. The first photo shown does feel like it’s coming from a show or film. The way that the photo is framed gets the city lights and other people slightly blurred but plays with the cold blue feel in the foreground with the subject. It’s very well done. I think that the CC Text is a really cool idea and would have loved to see more of the work.

  15. I love the composition/angle on these! The first image is has really nice bokeh, and the gradual lighting on the model is captivating. I also love the colors on the second image; the blue tones on the model alongside the orange light in the background. The captions are a nice addition

  16. Loved the idea of giving a voice to your subjects as a cinematic composition using the subtitles. While you created pretty good and emotional portraits, the addition of text does bring more to the table to understand the expression of your artwork. I also like your use of color and lines. You did a great job making your photos feel like screenshots of movies of TV shows.

  17. I like how the photographs were taken! They look like they could be from movie or documentary scenes, real cool! The only thing that I’d suggest is to change the captions for the last two photos. The caption from the second photo is actually funny to me because it doesn’t really make sense to me. The last caption is a bit weird since she isn’t really multi-tasking but rather seems to be checking her phone real quick. This is just my opinion but overall your images are great!

  18. Your use of text is intriguing. Right now they are reading as if you have paused a movie that you have turned the captioning on which is quite an interesting framework to work off from. An artist you may enjoy is Ken Lum. I like their use of applying dialogue to their photographs.

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