10 thoughts on “Mitchell Carlson”

  1. I really like the idea of switching up perspective and using found objects to frame your photos. The first one is so abstracted that it took me a minute to figure out that the first photo was a basketball hoop. The only thing I would change is that I would have pulled the camera back a bit so that the hoop and the triangle aren’t cut out of the photo at all.

  2. I love the unique perspectives you took on here. It takes a second to realize what you’re looking at because it’s not a typical angle or view. I really like the first one and how the hoop is framing the trees. It might look even better if you blurred out the trees that aren’t surrounded by the hoop!

  3. Really good perspective you have over here. I like the idea of choosing an object (strange one) and take your photos through it, really make your pictures look interesting. It takes me a while to figuring out what is the object, means spending more time looking at your picture. The first one will look better if you blurred out the surrounding.

  4. I like that you used objects in real life to frame your images, its like an image within an image. The composition is really strong, my only suggestion is with future pictures to not cut parts of elements out – like the corner of the triangle is makes the composition less dynamic.

  5. The thing I enjoy with these images are the perspective. Most of the time people do not stand right under the basketball hoop so it is not a normal image for people. In the second image i just love how only one part is clear. It is just appealing to the eye.

  6. I really like how both photos represent natural, warm colors. Something I would change about the first photograph to make it more appealing is capture more of the basketball hoop itself, for example more of the backboard so the picture should’ve been taken a little lower. The last picture is really well done. I like the shape of the clear focal point through the window, with the help of the blurriness at the sides.

  7. I like the unique perspectives and intensional framing in these photos. One small critique I have is for the basketball hoop photo, maybe try to get further underneath the hoop so you can’t see the top of the backboard through the hoop as well.

  8. I love the first image and the perspective you took of the basket ball hoop. I also enjoy the bottom photo and how its blurry all around expect in the middle it really helps draw attention to the center.

  9. I really like your second image. The decision to use glass to distort your image is something I hadn’t thought of but I really like it. It adds motion and interest to a nature image to make it stand out. I like that you can see all of the colors through the glass but because it is blurred it adds a dream-like quality to the photo.

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