9 thoughts on “Viet Ta”

  1. Great job on these photos. There’s something so satisfying about gas stations at night and the light they project onto the ground below them. It almost makes it look like a stage. The way you tilted the second photo makes the image so much more intriguing and dynamic than if you hadn’t.

  2. you have done a great job with the first image: composition, lighting, details …. Shooting at night is tricky and hard but you managed to bring out the details and balance the lighting. I like the symmetry in your images and the pattern in the second image is mesmerizing.

  3. Good Job on the pictures, specially the second one the angle is amazing which makes the picture very professional. The entire two post look very dynamic

  4. The first photo I find to be very strong. One detail I find great is that you can see the “Clark” still in the shadow. The lighting is just done very well and has a nice balance with the contrast.

  5. I enjoy the viewpoints you were able to capture in your two pictures. The second picture really captured my attention and had me tilting my head to figure it out.

  6. I love the first image. I think you did a great job with contrast and vibrance. The gas station really jumps out at me and I think that is great. The position from where you took the photo is great!

  7. These are two very interesting perspectives that caught my eye as a scrolled through the blog. I am particularly drawn towards the first image, as it seems to carry some sort of narrative that can be unwrapped. I am interested to know what this photo is trying to convey. Well done!

  8. I was instantly drawn in by the second frame, which both the angle and lighting of which convince my brain even still is an angle of vertical shaft looking down. Although some artificial light might have been used to enhance this, it is still a great image. The first image also exhibits a careful eye for perspective planes, the wide-angle lens used here allowing for the presence of both the roof and illuminated ground of this gas station to be seen.

  9. I love how strong both the lights and shadows are in both of these photos. I especially love the top photo of the gas station with the light at the center of the photo.

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