5 thoughts on “Ali Koplin”

  1. I love the colors and the way the light is used in the first photograph. There is such a nice tonal range in the darks and lights without there being detail lost in either. Great job.

  2. These remind me of the types of photos I typically take. I love the shallow depth of focus and how it’s so clear in one place and draws your eye in. I really enjoy the colors in the first picture–how you can see bits of green in the back contrasted with the tan grass. Great work!

  3. I prefer the second image because of all the texture. You are able to see the berries so well and all the little pieces on them. Also like how the background is blurred and it is not taking away from the berries. In the first picture I would have liked it more if it was zoomed out a tiny bit. I would have liked to see the tops. I know you can see some of the tops but I would have really liked seeing more.

  4. Gorgeous first photo!! I love the way you chose to crop it. That composition adds a lot to a seemingly familiar close up photo of nature and makes it more expansive and beautiful!

  5. I really like the first image in this series! I love the warmth, the movement and the choice of an up close shot. Shooting portraits in fields are my favorite and so the image immediately grabbed my attention. I do like the color pop in the second image and the composition of how its placed within the image. Overall I enjoy these pictures.

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