8 thoughts on “Jessi Havens”

  1. Great use of natural light Jessi! The third one is beautiful! I like how you use the leaves in the front to create this vague and mysterious looking of the girl! I also like the color of your pictures. You must find the perfect time of this photo shoot.

  2. Jessi,

    Awesome portrait! I love the natural lighting in the last photo. It comes from all directions but still focuses on the model. It was also interesting how the second photo you captured the tree branch shadow across the models face showing viewers the unseen.

  3. Amazing use of lighting to create emotion! The warm tones used throughout this set create great motifs of contentment and hope. I think the middle photo is juxtaposes the other two because the shadows can be representative of something blocking the light and joy of these photos.

  4. I like the top photo the most. Her expression looks carefree and blissful to me. I like how she is in focus and the background is not. Your use of natural light is phenomenal.

  5. I really enjoy how you used the natural light in this series. I also like how it is used in different ways to create different effects in each photo as well. Very beautiful pictures!

  6. These are very beautiful. The setting, lighting and clothing all work really well together, as if they are speaking (if that’s not too weird). The second photo seems to stand out a bit because of how harsh the lighting and shadows are in comparison to the other two. I recommend taking some of that away some what or including a softer image instead because the stark difference really makes it disconnected. But overall, really beautiful portraits and great use of light.

  7. I am especially drawn to the use of natural lighting in your second image. I like that the framing of the photograph includes the shadow of the vegetation as well as the actual branches in the top. You may be interested in Lieke Romeijn as your work reminded me of theirs.

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