29 thoughts on “Robert Lewis”

  1. I was very drawn to the asymmetry of the building in the first photo, and the contrast between the muted tan and the sky blue walls. Similarly, the juxtaposition of the two signs reading “Cash”. I think your choice of angle, color scheme, and time of day in the last photo allows the viewer to feel immersed in that true suburbia vibe. The malnourished dog in the second picture is an automatic focal point and gives a lot of information about its surroundings.

  2. I like the simplicity of these photos. They have an erie feel to them due to the way they were edited but it is nice. I really enjoy the last picture of the houses because of the different colors and the repetition.

  3. I am really drawn to the lighting in all of these images. There is something about the contrast you used with the lighting that makes these images really strong.

  4. I love your work! This series so successfully evokes ideas of desolation and possibly abandonment. I love that you have chosen these three together, particularly becuase of the juxtaposition between the gas station with the emaciated animal and the mundane suburban home scene.

  5. I love the composition in all of these photos. The simplicity of the colors and composition bring this calm over each photo. I’m also really enjoying the dog in the middle photo. It’s alone at night without an owner wandering around a strange, rundown scene. That portrays this lonliness and even some sort of apocalyptic world.

  6. I like the composition in all three of these images. There is a mood of human presence, yet absence. The lighting is different in each photo which makes me think of a progression in time.

  7. Robert,
    In the first photograph, I like the colors on the building. Plus, I like how the image was captured, which involves how the photo was taken. In the second image, I like the spooky vibe on the image. For the third image, I like the repetition of the houses.

  8. Great use of space in these photos. My favorite one is of the dog at night because I enjoy how a spotlight is being used and it gives off an eerie effect. I also like the first photo because of the blue wall that stands out from the rest of the photo and the photo of the houses is a good example of pattern.

  9. I love the simplicity of these pictures. It seems like a way of documenting everyday life and I really enjoy it. I like the emptiness too, having no people in them is an interesting touch. We’re aware that these are places for people and built by people but not seeing them makes it a bit more interesting.

  10. The composition of your images are very well thought. The colors are well balanced and the details are visible. I think you have done a great job on the technical aspects. I like the first and second images more. I think they are great portraits of the buildings and their environment. I am curious to know what was your motive behind the images. The building at night is also captured really well.

  11. These are fantastic! The quality of the color makes me want to stare at each image and find every little detail I can. Additionally, the three together craft a strong yet open-ended narrative, which I really appreciate.

  12. I really think these are great photos. The color you capture is really nice, it’s not right in your face but more subtle. I think each of these photographs would make beautiful paintings as well.

  13. There’s a stark beauty to each of these photos, and you use light and color incredibly well. They’re just bright enough so that you get a great sense of detail, but the color is desaturated enough to give it a melancholy, isolated feeling. This is definitely a project that I would love to see the whole series for and hear your concept behind them.

  14. The third image almost looks like a movie set meant to copy the style of another time period in that the lighting and similar architecture of the right two houses highlighted gives the image a very interesting vibe. Along with this, the repetition of the small trees in a row provides the appearance of uniformity, despite the houses having different colors and slightly different architecture.

  15. These photos are so unique and go so well together at the same time. What really drew me into wanting to see the rest of your photos was the vibrant blue against the red cash sign. I enjoy contrasting colors in photos and this one definitely got the perfect feel to it. All of your photos are really amazing and they give off this feeling of being in your local town during the fall time. It makes me feel a little sad because it’s that time where it’s almost night time and you’re about to go home to your family and it just feels like you’re roaming around on the streets of your hometown. There’s just something about these photos that gives off a feeling of loss, or of abandonment. You did a really good job of capturing this intense moment and I hope to see more of your photos in the future!

  16. I’m getting a strong documentary vibe from this series of photos. The second photo that includes the dog I believe to be the strongest of the three because it has the strongest sense of narrative and allows for something to dissect as the viewer. I wish there was just one more thing in the “cash” photo such as like a piece of clothing dropped in the parking lot or a knocked over trash can, just to add something more to make it a little less static. Overall this series has great lighting, is interesting to break apart and examine as a viewer and is unique enough in each photo to keep the interest. Well done

  17. These photos show well thought out composition, light, and color. The top photo in particular reveals a smooth balance between different colored light sources, navigating a balance between the low natural light, fluorescents, and neon lights. Beautiful! The main relationship between the three frames’ architecture is the absence of human presence. They all seem to capture the empty time/space between people, although signifiers of different circumstances and uses.

  18. I can tell that you put a lot of thought into these photos. Even though they are all taken at slightly different times of day, they all seem connected. The soft colors are really nice in the last photo of the houses. Nice job!

  19. I was really drawn to the first picture because of the blue and the way it contrasted with the other side of the building, but I loved how in every picture you brought out the blue. They were very soft colors which makes for smooth looking pictures and they all seemed to connect because of this. Nice job!

  20. These photos all have a very strong composition created by the structure of the buildings. In the second photo the street lights make the rest of the scene glow and the lines created by the wires and the street sign cut through the space in an interesting way.

  21. The amount of light is perfect for the feeling you try to convey in the pictures. I think you are also very good at finding perspective to shoot ordinary architecture to make them eerie. It almost feels like these photos are quiet enough for viewers to hear some trivial nature sound. Good job!

  22. All three photos are wonderful, but the middle one with the stray dog really caught my attention. It emits so much emotion. It’s like they very abandon looking space has been filled with feelings instead. The lighting is also exceptional! Thank you for sharing your work!!

  23. I absolutely adore the color scheme that you keep in all of these photographs. The framing of the buildings are perfect. The lighting is amazing that you use outside light sources and direct light sources to brighten your images. If you had these photographs for sale, I would buy them for sure.

  24. I think the colors and tone of your photos are beautiful. The images are well composed and work well together. The use of light is very interesting in your photos. They all feel kind of lonely and empty because there are no people in the images, which I enjoy!

  25. I like the composition that theses photos have and I think that the colors in each compliment one another very well. The lighting in the second photo may not fit as well, but I still think the three images work well together and shows the emotion behind them.

  26. The lighting in each of these photos caught my attention because the slightly diminished brightness created a sort of older, abandoned feeling (especially with there being no human subjects in the scenes). I like that the crispness and coloration of these photos makes you feel like you’re there; with the warmer or cooler tones creating a more lonely or homey atmosphere.

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