3 thoughts on “Amelia Manley”

  1. I though this video was incredible. I love how you overlaid a still image over a video. I liked the fact that the image was a profile of you (or at least I think that’s you) and had the video playing through your head. I thought your video worked perfectly with your poem and you had really good shots.

  2. Beautifully done! The images and videos pieced together work great with the poem and really help to create a somber and melancholy feel to the overall piece. I loved the overlaid face that served as a screen for your video. I think without it, the connection between the videos and poem would be muddled.

  3. This combination of photography, video, and spoken word created an incredibly captivating piece. By placing the images within the profile in the foreground, the viewer becomes entranced by the explicit and implicit messages in the poetry and imagery.

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