photography, St. Norbert College

Sam Kalies

Sam Kalies
ART 280- Intro to Photography
Digital Print; 11×17

“For this project, I was prompted to create an insightful portrait. In the final image, the subject is holding a dirty silkscreen, obscuring them from view. This creates interest in the piece, adds texture and layers, and causes the viewer to examine closely the figure that is hidden.”

10 thoughts on “Sam Kalies”

  1. Sam,

    I really enjoy the abstract nature of this shot. There is a lot to look at and my eye continues to bounce around the image. While I am interested to know what the textures that make up the composition are, I don’t find it necessary to identify them in order to understand the piece. Nice work!

  2. Sam,
    In the photo, I like how a ghosting image was captured. Plus, I like how texture and layers were added by the different elements of the picture.

  3. I think this is an extremely unique portrait and has a lot of depth and a really interesting texture. I also like the cohesive color pallet of this composition.

  4. You have come up with a unique idea for a project using textures and photographs. I don’t think it is necessary to explain verbatim what you have done to take this image; leave some room for the viewer to explore and ponder. I am curious to know what the theme is and where you go with this technique.

  5. What an interesting shot! It looks like a multiple exposure, is it? Your face is covered by something looks like the background. Really an amazing pic with different level of exposure and overlap.

  6. I like the complexness of the picture. It makes the viewer not really sure what they are looking at. I like that it has lots of different colors, all of which contrast each other. I also like the blurriness of the picture, that you can not really make the face out. Cool picture.

  7. What you have right now is appealing to the eye, and interesting to explore but I wish there was more of a subject to look at. Whether it’s increasing the portrait of the woman, or adding another layer, I think it would make the image stronger and more interesting. Right now it seems a little flat because of the lack of depth.

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