11 thoughts on “Sierra Roethle”

  1. Both photographs were taken with a creative mind set. I really like how the first photograph, looks original. The second photograph, the trace of the heart gives it a 3D look making it very appealing.

  2. I like the first photo a lot, it could definitely be part of a really successful advertisement. I think it would be even better if the depth of was shorter or the colors were dimmed in the background. I like how the red from the coke bottle is in the second photo too!

  3. The first image could easily be an advertisement for coca-cola. The focus on the subject’s lips rather than the rest of her face as a whole and her action of sipping the beverage, along with her simply patterned shirt causes the image to fall under commercial or fashion photography. The blur of the background is successful in there being a greater focus on the subject and her drink.

  4. I am a big fan of your second light trail picture. I think it looks interesting. The red is strong and powerful, and the whole image is contrasty and appealing. The shape of the light trail as a loving heart definitely adds to your subject as well. In a word, great picture. But I do think that your first picture could be brightened.

  5. I really like the 1st photo and it has a strong lifestyle advertisement feel. Personally, I think the 2nd image is lacking and doesn’t really connect to the other one (aside from the colors)

  6. The first one is such a good catch! Even though I cannot see the whole face of the girl, I can feel her emotion by merely seeing her mouth! I am also curious how you make the second one. It looks cool with the heart shape! Is that some long exposure of light? Interesting!

  7. I like the playfulness colors in these photos and how vibrant the color shows. I would like to see a little more connecting between the two however. I feel they do not go into the same category as the other since one is more of an image while the second feels like something you would make on clipart.

  8. The pictures have come out so good. I loved how you used light drawing in the second picture. In the 1st picture, you proved face doesn’t always bring out the best in the pictures. Awesome!

  9. I like the vibrant colors in the first picture, I also really like how it focuses on the bottom half of her face. The second picture turned out really cool and the use of a red light really brightens the picture.

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