12 thoughts on “Taylor Biese”

  1. Taylor,

    I enjoy how you’ve found a light source and worked with it. The patchy light that is falling on the subject and building in beautiful and gives the viewer a sense of time and place. I am enjoying the first image more than the second one, likely because the composition of the first image seems balanced.

  2. I really enjoy the images. The imagery of a working woman in a big city seems movie like. As far as the composition, I think I’d enjoy the pictures in black and white. I do enjoy the light, shadow, and texture that the pictures posses and I would like to see more information on the scenery.

  3. Hi Taylor,
    I really enjoy the theme that you brought into these artworks. The overall colors and details highlighted by the spreading lights create a smooth and ease feeling to the eyes. In the second piece, a large shadow, light yellow color and the look into the far give the picture a story somehow, like she has been waiting for a long time.

  4. I really enjoy the neutral color pallet that is featured with the natural light. I think that the lighting really emphasizes what you want the viewer to directly look at. The setting is also used very well and I think that the setting really gave the photos that push to be great. Very well done.

  5. I love the simplicity in these photos. The colors of them really look nice together and they balance each other really well.I think the positioning of her is what really makes it and how she is standing. Also, the shot with the sun beaming off of her face is very nice. I would actually like to see more of the background because I feel like there could be way more to this picture.

  6. I love how vintage these images look although they also feel very modern. You did a great job of capturing and using that light source to your advantage. I would like to know why you chose those two compositions because I feel like they make a very specific state and create a very specific mood.

  7. The lights and shadows work really well in your work. Although the girl is in the sunshine, her face looks still soft, because of not only the light, but also her emotions. I like the shadow in the second image. I enjoy these two photos.

  8. The clothes and the suitcase are great decisions, and the background works very well with the figure, giving viewers a direct sense of old times. Light and shadows are beautiful in both images, adding a warm tone to the environment. However, I feel like it might be better to have a little bit more light on the suitcase and more shadows on one half of her face, which may add more depth to it.

  9. The shadow formed attached to the subject and the lighting is awesome. Great combination of vintage and modern look. I loved the second picture where the shadow and the girl look as if they are facing in opposite direction.

  10. I love the use of the lights and shadows in these pictures! I also like how not much of the background is exposed giving a mysterious vibe to the pictures. The suitcase also gives the pictures a vintage looking making them stick out among the rest

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