photography, University of Kentucky

Meredith Matia

Meredith Matia
A-S 285 Lens Arts
Digital Print s; 15 x 22.5”
Three image series

My artistic practice explores the transcendent effect of the beauty in the routine of every day life. Through collage, the compositions become atmospheric1 which reference of the moment of transcendence from the mundane. By photographing then collaging the world around me in a new and unfamiliar way, it allows others to see the mundane as exciting and beautiful.

I will be photographing the environments around me that may seem routine or mundane. Then, I will collage these photographs using photoshop to create the atmospheric compositions.

This project has been influenced and inspired by Laura Owens, David Hockney, Mickalene Thomas, and the Japanese Tea Ceremony. I am interested in Laura Owens’ simplicity yet strong visual communication in her compositions. David Hockey’s ideas about seeing the world around us constantly inspires my artistic practice. He stresses the idea of being aware of the world around us by actually looking. I want to take the simplicity or ordinary subjects found in the everyday in order to force the viewer to see the beauty. In regards to compositions, I am looking at Mickalene Thomas’ collaged compositions and how a space is visually described through various textures. What has always driving my inspiration and artistic practice is the Japanese Tea ceremony and the ideology of being mindful and present and appreciating every moment because nothing can ever be recreated again. Specifically the tea philosophy of“Ichigo, Ichie” which translates to “one time, one meeting” has been a major influence.

23 thoughts on “Meredith Matia”

  1. You have such a unique style! I love your work, but even more I love the purpose behind it. The idea of transforming the “mundane” into beauty through photographs and college combined is awesome.

  2. The one I gravitate to first is the first image you posted.I think the strong lines and solid colors remind me of graphic design elements. Collaging is always a great way to bring things together and there are so many ways to do it. I wonder what this would look like if you blended the images together so to the viewer it looked more infused together as one image versus layers to the eye.

  3. Others’ attempts at collages often end up disjointed and lacking harmony; yours, however, are the exact opposite. Your use of organic vs inorganic shapes, as well as the placement of your collage pieces, keeps the viewer intrigued, contemplative, and aware – which, given your artist statement, appears to be the goal.

  4. I found these photos aesthetically pleasing and found that the collages added another layer to the compositions. Though they are collages, they are all still cohesive.

  5. It is cool how you are not only taking the images in the composition, but then rearranging them and collaging them. The final images are well balanced and easy to look at.

  6. I really really like your first picture, which I can really tell the style of Davis Hockney. I would be really interested in using your photos to mimic some David Hockney’s painting. I believe that would be amazing! I am looking forward to seeing your new work!

  7. I love the contrasting colors however I feel in the second photo there may be too many contrast and it could take away from the photo.

  8. This is so unique!! I love how you put each image together. Out of the two, I think my favorite is the second image. I love how all of the colors are fairly similar. It makes the entire image very aesthetically pleasing.

  9. You definitely have a very stylistic approach to this project. The only major thing I would say is to tone down the smaller images within your larger image because they don’t seem to fit with your photo. If you gave the smaller images the same edits as the larger photo, it would seem more blended in and not look too contrasted. Besides that, I really enjoy your idea behind the photo and the inspiration you took from another artist. The colors blend well with each other and don’t seem out of place.

    I would also add a little more detailing in the second photo to really bring it together. The first photo has some colors that are a part of the smaller collage and then also within the larger photo. That is what really brings the first photo together. The second photo just needs a little more addition to the larger photo to really bring it together.

  10. I love these!! I like how you keep the color matches the background and the collaged pieces fit very well. I like the graphic nature of these. The first one is my favorite I like how you contrasted the colors and textures in this piece.

  11. I love your execution of the collages here. The way you create a sense of space within a space is so captivating. The only thing that isn’t working is the one dark triangle separated from the rest of the shapes in the second photo.

  12. The first image is more working better for me than the second image, because it seems more thoughtful and balanced, whereas the second image is a pile of collage in the middle. In the first image there a re a couple of figures that I cannot recognize and can’t tell what they are. I would encourage choosing less ambiguous objects because the collage itself is the abstract factor. Your work is very neat and cleanly photoshopped.

  13. I love the collaging going on in these photos. the “cut and pasted” pieces flow really well with the content in the background and I also enjoy the gestural lines that emphasize all of the shapes in each photo.

  14. These are really unique and I love how playful they are. They really grab your attention since it isn’t a typical photograph. You have to stop and really get a good look in order to understand what is going on and that is intriguing to me.

  15. I loved how you’re pairing colors, especially in the second on. I think the blues just all work seamlessly together. Great job!

  16. Nice start on this work. I was glad to see you reference David Hockney in your description too. His collages immediately came to mind when I saw your images. I think there are many interesting ways to make the mundane feel different and you are doing that here. Just make sure you find your own voice in this technique so you are not “copying” other artists (I don’t think you are, just figured I’d mention it). To put more of your self into the work I think you should find out what it is about the mundane you find interesting.

  17. I appreciate the colors used in the first image. I think I would enjoy more purposeful cropping/selection of what is within the image frame. Some of the edges of the transposed pictures are harsh and do not contribute the overall image.

  18. Very Graphic mixing your media served you very well for this body of work. I would what it would look like if you included type in this piece.

    Very well done,

    Crea Taylor

  19. your use of collage is breathtaking. It seems as though all the images belong in the space. The use of background and foreground with lights and shadows further develop this piece.

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