2 thoughts on “Seth Vanderpool”

  1. First, your title is interesting. I would say though there is more to be said about the mundane than the insane in this video. I guess the editing is a bit insane and the imagery is mundane? This feels somewhat like a trippy home video. The little white fluffy dog is the most confusing and out of place thing for me. In the beginning, this video feels like some kind of drug trip sequence and ends like a tribute to your beloved family members. The editing is well done but I think you could work on what your concept really is.

  2. I think that the title suggests that you should have used more effects on the video to make it truly insane. I think some shots worked better than others, but it kept my interest not knowing what would happen next. I think that if maybe you acquired a stabilizer that some of the shots would be smoother and better for viewing.

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