35 thoughts on “Dhool Siad”

  1. Color is a standing out element in this series of work. These four photos are in a great accordance. At the same time, there are different in the skills and the composition. I like the texture and contrast in the first picture a lot.

  2. It was great to see the images separated by color but I think it was a very great decision to compose them in the way that you have here. Each image compliments the other very well!! Good Job!!

  3. This is amazing! I love the bright tones of each color and how you didn’t just use the color you used an object to represent it. Might be interesting to use all the same type of object, like using a lemon there for the yellow and then doing another series with all junk food or something!

  4. I love how each photograph has some type of food, giving it a food theme. Also, how the color background goes along with the food. The color sequence makes the collage pop. Great job, not having any distractions in the background, you can see right away what’s your focal point! Well Done!

  5. Dhool,
    Personally, I enjoy the image’s take on primary colors. In the photos, I appreciate the point of view that the images were taken at. For the image representing the color yellow, I like the lighting that is utilized within the photo.

  6. I really love the pop of these primary colors in this series. Even the secondary green in the limes is fairly vibrant. I wonder if the composition could be changed so that the images were not in a row but instead in a block of 2×2.

  7. I love the concept of using different food to represent different colors. Four colors are clear and eye catching. You did a great job on matching the colors of the subject and the background. However, I really wish to see images with a bigger size. It would be more impressive to look at.

  8. These are beautiful. One would think that using too much of the same color would be odd or too distracting to the subject, but these actually only enhance the subject. Great job!

  9. Another daily life shootings! It is really a genius idea that you combined 4 very different color photos together and made the whole picture much more colorful and interesting. What a good design! More importantly, this is easier to attract people’s attention rather then putting a single photos on the screen. Besides, all the photos correspond to a main theme of food rather than some very different things that not suitable to be combined together. Like it very much!

  10. These images are so effective in juxtaposition. There is something extremely satisfying about pure primary colors together, but also displayed through something you’d see everyday like food. It would be interesting to go further and keep the series going with more colors/foods!

  11. The colors of each of the photos really stand out, but they also complement each other really well as a series. I really enjoy it!

  12. The colors in these images are really true to color and I like how you decided to play around with the tones to make sure they looked like genuine colors.

    To me, I can see these with ads. I can see supermarkets using these photos to promote a healthy lifestyle and to promote their own fruits and snacks. I think they are really well done and look professionally prepared. There aren’t that many distractions in the photos which makes it easy to see what the point of the photos were about, primary colors.

    The only thing I would say is that for the first photo, I think it would be interesting if you had spread the strawberries around on the cloth and removed the plastic so you can really get a sense of the red richness in the photo. It would also lead to a more interesting composition in my eyes because you would be creating textures within the wave of red.

  13. The color is really effective with the concept of food being involved. It adds a consistent theme that ties together the work. In regards to layout and composition, I would consider switching the red and green middle images because they are each next to photographs of similar distance of the camera to object relationship.

  14. I love how these colors bounce off of each other and interact with each other. The images work well on their own as well. Absolutely fantastic Dhool!!

  15. I love this piece so much. The colors are amazing and work together so well! I also like how you have all fruits and the one image of the potato chip. I think it was a strong choice to have the images touch each other rather than have them separated by a boarder. Great job color matching the background to the foreground!

  16. A very good example of working with a limited palette. Although the images all have sharp contrast to one another and stand well on their own, the pure simplicity of each one means they go well together.The potato chip one especially draws attention by breaking up the pattern of zoomed in fruit pieces through its unique composition. Since it doesn’t take up the whole frame, the table nicely frames it.

  17. I enjoyed the colors – they were clear and bright in your photos. The second photo caught my eye first from the rays of light that peaked into the picture. The first picture has great texture with the shadows the cloth is producing. I liked how much light was used, it helped keep the colors vibrant through the photos so viewers feel like they are next to the objects.

  18. I love the use of both natural foods and a manufactured food to show that these vibrant colors can be found in nature and produced by mankind! Perhaps you could remove one of the natural foods and try to find a substitute manufactured food so there is an equal number of each type.
    I think it was an great decision to organize these photos in the order of colors that appear in a rainbow and take every photo from the same angle.

  19. Love how you changed the presentation of these photos. I’m liking the lack of separation between each photo instead of framing each one separately. I think keeping them all together really solidifies them as one cohesive piece

  20. These photos are very interesting to look at and easily attract the eye. The bright colors and high contrast have a very cool effect on the images. One thing that I think could make this montage stronger is if they were all fruit to create more of a connection between the images. Maybe a lemon or banana for the yellow?

  21. The composition is great and I appreciate the juxtaposition of those different colors. Very interesting how the red and blue images are more saturated compared to the yellow one or the green one.

  22. Great pics! I definitely love what you are doing here, especially how you arrange your subjects here in the third and fourth picture. Your composition is great and your color tone is strong and vibrant. I really enjoy looking at them.

  23. I enjoy the aesthetics of these images. How instead of choosing to take a photo of blueberries in a white bowl for contrast you chose to photograph them in a blue bowl to keep the color theme alive in the image. Each image on their own is appealing, but all of them together is even more than they are alone.

  24. This is an amazing concept! something that I wouldn’t think of doing, but its simplicity is inspiring! I like the theme of the food and the primary colors, I also think it was smart to use the same color backgrounds with softer objects that match the food. I like the use of light as well in the photographs, I think you are smart choosing vibrant lighting settings.

  25. I love the vibrant colors and the way they catch avowers eye. The use of fruit is really creative for the works and goes well with the themes. Each image is perfect in the series but can also stand strongly alone which I really like.

  26. The composition of these photographs works really well for me. You paired items so well with the colors and blended the two well in the frame.

  27. These photographs are very well executed. I see that you consider the work to be about color, and I definitely think that it is successful in doing that. But I also think that the work does some comical things about our diet and nutrition. Placing the chips next to the fruits is a funny juxtaposition and I would love to see more of that humor in this bright, playful work.

  28. The colors are very pleasing to the eye and the simple composition of the strawberries being off center I feel really helps balance the composition as a whole.

  29. I feel you did a very nice job of keeping the colors true to their primaries without making them look too unnatural or overdone. I find the images to be very minimalistic in nature and I find that they compliment the subject matter of the color. Finally, I also enjoy the compositions you have created because it strictly forces the viewer to focus on the color and the simple object. Overall, very well done with this series of images.

  30. Very professional looking work, it genuinely looks like some sort of professional commercial photography. Apart from the colors, the composition of the images is the strongest feature. Each image captures either detail, context, or both. Well done.

  31. This is such a cool idea! I think it is really interesting that you chose to convey the primary colors through food. I also think you did a really nice job of framing and then arranging the pictures. I love that in each photo the image is almost entirely the one color. it makes the other colors in the photo really pop!

  32. This is breathtaking work. I think the potato chips is the photo that struck me the most because when I think of a yellow food that’s not what I think of. I also think it’d be interesting to see more of this series to see what more surprising choices you make. I think the background choices are also interesting, especially the yellow and blue ones. I love the subtlety of the blue design on the plate. And seeing these side by side as opposed to separate images.

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