photography, St. Norbert College

Elizabeth Schaal

Elizabeth Schaal
ART 280: Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging
Digital Print; 14 inches wide by 9 inches tall
4 total images in the series

This series depicts downtown streets of various villages and cities across North east Wisconsin, including downtown Green Bay, De Pere, Bonduel, and Zachow. I wanted to capture the subtle differences that can be seen when traveling from a more rural to urban area. To create the striking colors in the images, I increased the saturation and vibrance of the streets and buildings, while decreasing them in the sky. This makes the differences among the pictures in the series more pronounced and visible to the viewers, while also drawing the audiences’ eye to the series itself.

37 thoughts on “Elizabeth Schaal”

  1. I really like the second photo in this series. The contrast between the black and white sky and the high saturation of the color of the road makes the photo attracting. Also, there is great contrast between the shadow and the bright part. However, we can still see the details in the shadow. Those details help to create the balance of the photo.

  2. These images are amazing!! I love how vibrant the colors are! Did you just turn up the contrast in these image or how did you achieve this? I love how despite the colors being extremely vibrant the rest of the image doesn’t look overexposed.

  3. I really like what you did with the colors here. It takes a minute to understand if they are real or exaggerated and I think that’s awesome! They kind of look like little toy towns which creates a really cool feeling for the viewer.

  4. This is a very interesting series of photos that has a cool meaning behind them. I like the vibrance of colors in each photo and that the two bottom pictures were taken in the middle of the street and it draws your eye to the back of the photo.

  5. These photos are very interesting in terms of color. The vibrant look you gave the buildings really adds to them, and gives them a colorful personality. The color makes me believe that these places in Wisconsin are vibrant and full of life. I especially think the crosswalk colored red was a nice touch.

  6. I love the warmth and colors in this series! It reminds me of footage from shows or films of the 70s. The modern cars in the images, however, contradict this which makes the photos even more interesting. Imagine if you were to combine any archived photos of that time to these photos. Great job!

  7. The highly saturated colors give these photos and overwhelming feeling. Almost as if the temperature is very high, but there is a very intense presence to all of these photos. I would also say the emphasis you put on the city instead of the sky shows through.

  8. I love how vibrant the colors are in this series! The yellow lines of the street are in interesting center point for the photos. Nice work!

  9. I find these images to be very appealing, as the rich, highly pigmented colors used enhance the mood and environment of each photograph. I like how the majority of the sky has been made grey which separates the upper third from the lower 2/3rds of each image, making the colored sections pop out even more and appear more extreme in their statement.

  10. I think it’s really interesting how you decided to play with the cool and warm tones in this picture to really make each and every image pop out in its own unique style. When you first see the photos, they seem a bit off, but when you actually take the time to look at the different colors in the photo, you start to realize that there’s way more to the colors than you thought there were in the beginning.

    I like how you decided to take photos of these normal street sides and then pushed it even further with each individual color. All the images stand out from one another and it almost has a rainbow effect because one image has more red tones, another more orange tones, and a third with more blue tones. One thing I might have done differently is to desaturate the unwanted colors a little more to really make the vibrant colors pop out even more.

    Besides that, nice photos! They are really well balanced.

  11. I really enjoy the color you pronounce throughout this photo series. You create a dynamic color palette, both on warm and cold scales in a vibrant way. I wish the photos themselves were composed a bit more, as these don’t give me a particular focal point or anything that catches my eye except for the colors within them. I think this would be something to pursue further while working on a more dynamic setting to show off these colors.

  12. You’ve executed the color editing really well here! Decreasing the saturation in the sky is genius, otherwise the whole photo would have looked absurd, but instead they look very sophisticated and bright. Job well done!

  13. I think your series is quite interesting and taking saturation out of the sky is a unique way to draw a person’s eye to the buildings. Personally, I think the saturation is a bit too much and would tone it down just a tiny bit. Right now, the buildings almost look toy-like with the amount of saturation they have, which is awesome if that’s what you were going for.

  14. I really like how pronounced the difference is between the first image and the last image. I feel that you showed the difference between a rural and urban downtown well. I agree with the above comment their is just enough color in these pictures. Desaturating the sky was very smart.

  15. looking at these photos, I can’t really see any difference of colors between the different cities. I think the architecture and city landscape would be something to focus on when trying to compare the cities and especially urban versus rural areas. I see very similar colors in all of them, especially yellow in the pavement.

  16. The color enhancement on these photos give them an interesting cartoonish quality. I find that it makes these photos relatively playful and eye catching. It also gives a sense that all of these towns could be a part of the same area which I thought was interesting as well.

  17. I like the colors in these three pictures. They look colorful and vivid. And when you couple these colors with the pictures of a small town in sunsets, the photos are just dramatic. However, as much as I like these pictures, I think maybe it is a little bit over-saturated to most people, and you can start to see some weird artifact because of over-saturation. But they are great pics nonetheless. Great work!

  18. I really love the composition of the second photo, the street view from that angle creates an aesthetically pleasing look. Additionally, the path draws the viewer to imagine down the road. Wonderful creativity, great job!!

  19. These images are great! I love the color contrast in all of them! My eyes were directly drawn to the brightness around the buildings, nice job!

  20. I enjoy the photo series! I like what you did with the saturation between the buildings and sky – it makes the contrast between even more prominent. I also like your use of lines with the angles you took your pictures at; specifically in the last two photos in the series the lines make your eyes follow the picture.

  21. It is such a great idea to record the change from rural area to urban area by camera! Overall the photos are in heavy contrast and the color is pretty vibrant here. The sky of first three looks grey; this makes the color of buildings more outstanding.

  22. I think these differences that you are interested in could be more clear if you had images of this rural area you are describing. Possibly displayed next to some of these images to show the contrast between the two environments. If I had not read your statement I would not have know that these images were form different towns. Maybe that’s something to investigate in the future.

  23. I really could tell what you were trying to do do with the color differences in the second photo, which I loved. The pink grass was definitely unrealistic but still looked so cool. The sky was gray but the town was still so full of life.

  24. I really like the use of taking the photos in the moment really not setting up and object or doing for the right moment. the photos deal with vibrant colors which I really like and I really like the urban area feel the photos have to offer. Also the city adds a perfect balance for the photos.

  25. As a Wisconsinite, I am immediately excited to see work about the state. I love the saturation that you added to the images. It appears unrealistic but I like that you added a very personal stylization to the images. If you are trying to make work that explores these small towns in Wisconsin, I think you could use many, many more images. And perhaps you could make a decision about what you are trying to say about these places.

  26. I think the colors for me look a little more pop art for me and can be distracting with the level of saturation that they are at. Maybe just bringing them down a little bit more, or bringing the vibrance down would be helpful.

  27. You did a great job making all of the colors really stand out in these pictures, throughout the entire depth of each photo.

  28. I like the idea behind this series, but I wonder if there are some different ways to think about showing these differences. The highly saturated colors put me in the same place for the whole series, maybe some details up close in architecture and seeing the progression between urban and rural could help push your idea further.

  29. These definitely remind me of small town Michigan in places, and of downtown Kalamazoo. The saturation of your colors looks fantastic, and I love the use of shadows in the first two pictures.

  30. I think you were very successful with the goal that you put in the description of the image, as it comes across very well and understandably. I like the amount of saturation used and think it does attract the eye to different aspects of each photo.

  31. I find this series of work to be a successful one due to the symmetry of both the rural and urban landscapes. Though the saturation levels within these images are unnatural, I find it to be an interesting dynamic being added that adds a whimsical feel to the images. In addition, I find a sort of other-worldly parallel being added because of the strange color shift, especially since there are trace artifacts of human life(the cars) and very few humans actually present.

  32. The color emphasis works really well, the saturation in the sky in the sky works as a really nice contrast. the emptiness in the streets works very nicely as well. I wonder how it would look if you cold push the color even further. Maybe if it looked like the colors of the buildings were bleeding into the sky?
    Overall you did a great job!

  33. I love how much you brought out the colors in these pictures, I think it makes the focus really successful in comparing the different downtowns. My favorite was the second picture because I liked the contrast of the black and white sky with the blues on the left and the bright colors on the right. I think it all worked together to really catch my attention and see the downtown as a whole and not just one part of it.

  34. I think the color choice really enhances the images. It makes them feel a little out of reality, as if in a movie, which really makes the images stand out as more than just Wisconsin towns.

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