31 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins”

  1. I like the last photo a lot. The background is relatively cold and dark, which emphasis the warm of the light in the front. For me, it would be better if I could see the upper part of the light in the photo.

  2. Some of these photos look like someone’s spying around a corner which I think is cool! It might be interesting to experiment with depth of field in that third picture, maybe have one where the light in front is in focus like in the fourth picture. I love how you can almost feel the texture of the snow in the second picture.

  3. I like this set of photos, though I would have maybe flipped the focus on the third photo. I feel like the third photo would have better composition if the focus was on the light in the forefront of the photo and the background be blurry. But overall, nice job on the rest of the photos!

  4. These series of photos feel homey, and warm, despite the fact that snow is always around somewhere in them. I think in the two that have a foreground, middleground and background are very strong, and make the photo more interesting. These are lovely!

  5. I like the second and last photo best. The photographer focused on the important things and made the background vague. It is a shooting skill I personally like pretty much. For the first picture, the leaves are vague while the street view is very clear. It makes people feel like they are observing the street view after a tree, which is pretty cool!

  6. I’m such a big fan of shallow depth of field. Focus is a big tell as to what’s important in a photo. That’s why I think it’s interesting to see what you chose to have in focus, and what is not. It makes me want to know the story, though their may be none. I particularly find the lines in the last photo effective. Excellent job!

  7. Liking the fast shutter speeds capturing the snow. also the short depth of field creates a very moody atmosphere. With the second to last photo being my favorite I would like to see more shots that are a little more thought out. Most of these seem to be taken from a sidewalk or from very common angles.

  8. These photos have such an interesting depth to them. The overall dimness of the photos gives the series a dark mood! Nice job!

  9. I love your exploration in focus in this set of photos. Different photos have different style points but they do tie together nicely. I like how, in the 1st and 3rd photos, the blurriness creates a frame for the in focus objects. You almost accomplish this, I think, in the last one, whereas the 2nd is focused as a more straightforward approach. I think going forward, maybe focus on one way of directing the viewer, whether that be as straightforward or through a framing tool.

  10. The first and third photos are functioning a lot differently for me than the other two. I like how you’ve framed the scenes with very close up objects in the foreground. It makes me feel like I am actually there peering through the trees. The other two images don’t work as well for me because I can’t tell if I’m supposed to be looking at the subject or the background.

  11. I like how you capture certain views with unfocused objects in front of the camera, and how you switch the focus to make the bigger street as a background. It was a great idea to utilize the distance between objects and background. However, I personally think these photos could be more lighten up a little bit.

  12. I really enjoy looking at this set, as many of the photos have a very holiday feel to them. My favorite is the first photo, as I feel the tree helps frame the building in a nice way.

  13. The image to me that most shows warmth is the third one with the out of focuses light in the foreground. I love the tone of the light compared to the building. The warm color tone of the leaves and other surrounding also help to make this image feel very warm.

  14. I am especially drawn towards the first photograph in this set. Because you’ve included a foreground element (bushes), it gives off a feeling of surveillance, which in turn makes the rest of these photographs embody that feeling. Nice work!

  15. To me, I feel as if the photos are not warm enough. I saw that your intentions were to “capture warmth on a cold day” but I wish that you had emphasized the warmer tones a bit more. I do realize that it may be your intention to make both the cold and the warm temperatures apparent in your photos, but if you wanted to enhance the warmness, I think you should pump up the orange and yellow tones up a bit more. Or, if you wanted to show both, I think you should have increased both warm and cold tones to really show the difference between them.

    Your photos give off a very whimsical vibe, almost like in Harry Potter. I think it might just be because it’s winter, but the compositions of the photos also add to that sensation.

    I feel that picture number 3 might have too much blur in the photo. It distracts just a little bit from the rest of the photo, but I also understand if you wanted to include a blurry aspect in each of your photos.
    Besides that, nice job!

  16. These images are interesting but I do not see them matching necessarily with your statement. I see these as being images of voyeurism. The close perspective to objects directly in the foreground make them feel this way.

  17. I really like the first and third pictures. In the first picture, I love that you chose to take it with the tree blocking some of the view. The background is clear and perfectly lite, while capturing some of the snowfall, which is really awesome to look at. In the third picture, even though their is a glare on the light, I love the way it makes the picture look. It makes me feel like the light is so close and the background is so far away.

  18. I like how you captured the scene in each photograph. It made me feel as if I was standing there. I like the last photo a lot. I think the focus on the lamp is perfect for the angle and where it is placed in the picture. The lighting, or lack of, was great for the essence of the photograph.

  19. I love the depth in all these photos. The last photos is difficult for me because there is so much space that is not in focus. Maybe cropping could make it fit into the series a little better.

  20. I really like the unusual angles or blurred foreground objects. The color grading gives the photos a rainy/cloudy vibe. I love how in the third image, the yellow light contrasts the surroundings/buildings.

  21. The warmth that the lighting in these winter scenes convey is a great contrast to the snowy places they depict. Especially in the third image, the warm glow of the man-made lighting complements the cool overcast of the winter day, bringing out the softness of the scene. Use of a shallow depth of field also aids this theme. I would say the first and third are the strongest, as they have interest and intrigue in both the fore and backgrounds, whereas the background of the second is quite drab. Lights, had this been captured closer to night, would help provide the sense of detail in the out of focus background. Similarly, in the last frame the angle is too wide for the limited view we have of the lantern, either back out at this focal length or opt for a longer lens for this composition.

  22. I enjoy the last two photos, even though they all are great, because it really emphasizes the use of color. The last one shows contrast between light and dark and the second to last photo really makes the colors pop out (the green in the trees and grass). I also like how the photo is positioned, how the camera is hidden behind the tree and the light in the last photo is off to the side yet the center of the picture.

  23. Despite the subject matter the photos feel incredibly warm, especially the softness of the final photo. Your gentle use of light and little dabs of yellow convey a feeling of comfort, more than if you’d decided to shoot just bright things.

  24. I really love the second photo with the fire hydrate in the picture. The yellow fire hydrant contrasts the blur building in the background. Also the textures of snow particles sitting on the hydrant bring nature or life to the photograph.

  25. I think this set does communicate what you want it to. Interestingly enough, because there is a lack of subjects in the photos it also feels eerie, as if this small town was recently abandoned. Your first photo adds a contemporary setting to the set, but without it, there is a sense of mystery and silence.

  26. The first in the third photos are both my favorite of the set. I’m from a small town and both just remind me of a cozy, familiar setting that I can relate to. I think they do a good job of finding detail and beauty in everyday things. The others don’t do that for me so much as those, I think when capturing these types of settings, a wider view works best!

  27. These photos are nice close ups of different things in the town. I really like the third because the glow that comes from the light does portray warmth. Even though the second photo is not light the yellow color adds warmth to that could snowy day. I would have tried to capture the snow more clearly in the background.

  28. I enjoy the feeling that these images bring up personally. To me, they bring a sense of family and joy around the holidays and the comfort of a quaint, decorated small town in the winter.

  29. These photos are beautiful! However, the first one feels more stalker-esk and doesn’t quite match up with the heart warming scenes of the remaining three that remind you of the holidays. If the building was decorated in some winter fashion or if the branches weren’t in the shot as much it might have been different.

  30. I think the third and fourth photos are the strongest. The light really adds the warmth you were aiming for, as opposed to the second photo, which has the yellow color but doesn’t have the same warm feeling. The first photo has the warmth with the yellow building, but I wish the red car wasn’t in it because it takes away some of the contrast of that building.

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