2 thoughts on “Kevin Truhlar Jr.”

  1. I think nostalgia is a very difficult thing to convey visually as it represents non-tangible ideas. It is then even more difficult to state that any feeling or concern is universal, as feelings behind objects are directly related to culture and one’s upbringing. Assuming that a person feels empathy for their toys is to assume that they were privileged enough to have them in the first place and then to give them up. This video work is definitely interesting I just think the statement could be reworked to become more personal and less “universal”.

  2. This video was a bit confusing as far as the timeline is concerned. The description implies that the character is done playing with the toys, yet he is still interacting with them. It was my impression that the video would follow a journey of the toys being ignored by characters. The method that the creator chose would be more effective if the dialogue was actually discernible. That way, there is still a storyline to follow rather than just puzzled looks.

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