photography, St. Norbert College

Noah Fidlin

Noah Fidlin
ART 280: Photography and Digital Imaging
Digital Prints; 6″ x 10″
Five Images

While I love photos that convey a warm look, I’m also very interested in photography that has a colder side to it as well. For my landscape series, I decided to play with this theme by taking black and white photos, then using harsh photocopy textures over the images. I wanted for my work to give off a mysterious look, very eerie and uncertain. I would love to try experimenting with a similar style not just in my future photography, but also in my filmmaking.

31 thoughts on “Noah Fidlin”

  1. Before I read your description, I thought those photos were taken from another side of a piece of glass. That would be another interesting idea to take. I like the third photo, especially the little car light part. That is something makes the photo a little bit “warm” in this cold atmosphere.

  2. I think the composition and effects added really work for this series. It feels reminiscent of eerie sci-fi films or old horror.

  3. Noah,
    Overall, I appreciate the utilization of black and white throughout the images that were taken. In a few of the images, there is an eire feeling to the photos. I like the vantage and point of view that the pictures were taken.

  4. Your photos definitely have a style to them that is very apparent and cohesive throughout the entire series. I, personally really enjoy this eery style because it reminds me of a horror movie set in the early 70’s. The combination of the offset composition and the black and white grainy film contributes to the style making it seem like an older photo taken at night. The cloudiness and lack of highlights also pushes the idea of a scary and haunted feeling.

    This photo series also works very well together because they all have the same theme and pattern. It’s a point of view shot of someone seemingly looking around at all of their surroundings. It seems like that person is dizzy or in a trance as they stare at their suburban-like environment.

    Overall, I think you’ve definitely achieved a mood and an interesting composition for all of your photos.

  5. Loving the atmosphere in these shots. Given b/w film has a certain quality and style to the images, I think you did a great job capturing shots that feed into the old, dreary, aesthetic of film. As an improvement, maybe diversify the content of each shot because I get a sense that all were taken within 10 minutes of each other in the same general area

  6. I really enjoy the dark nature of your series, as well as the graininess of each. I think that the darker skies are a large strength in all of these and do a great job of conveying the feeling I think you were shooting for.

  7. These photographs caught my eye immediately as I was looking through the exchange. You definitely accomplished your intension of creating an eerie essence. The added texture on top adds such a haunted element to these photos that would have otherwise been lost if they were just in black and white. I think they are very interesting to look at and I appreciate this take on typical landscape photography.

  8. Very hazy, dark and haunting. The sharpness of the trees is perfectly complemented by the softness of the clouds and the low contrasts of the texture.

  9. I really love this style, and like Zijian mentioned, your textures really make it seem as if the viewer is on the other side of some sort of glass like a window, separating them from the harsher, colder atmosphere on the other side of the glass. This makes me feel almost as if I am participating in the photo, and it interests me that this was achieved just with your decision to use textures. Good choice.

  10. I’m drawn to the overall mood of the photos and appreciate the cohesiveness among them. However, the images could have been framed better. When I look at them I just want the frame to be pulled back slightly so more of the image is in view. I love the power lines though!

  11. I think these photos convey the mysteriousness that is desired by the artist. I would challenge the photographer to consider what the photos would look like in “normal” conditions, like with color and refrained from inauthentic texture. I say this because it is inherent for these methods to convey that eerie feeling, but how much more effective can this be when considering landscape? objects in the image? person(s) added to the photo? framing/composition? There is a lot of potential here!

  12. You did a great job conveying the eeriness through film, The smokey textures in the photographs really help with that. Also like how the lines in the third image add to the smokiness/haze.

  13. Lighting can play a big role in how your images feel. The second image has a nice composition and lighting effect that the effect in first image is not necessary in some ways. I also do agree that the composition can be improved. The last image is a little tilted and not even. So just pay attention to that as well.

  14. I love all these shots, but something about that last one is really sticking out to me. It is really great. Maybe its the composition, or the subject matter.. I’m not entirely sure. I just know that I love the way it makes me feel. Cold indeed. The texture you’ve added is really doing work in these as well, nice work!

  15. The ghost-like effect of the photocopy textures in overlay give the impression of a subtle double exposure, for me invoking a feeling of the photograph having captured spirits or ghost, data from an invisible spectrum of light; detail invisible to the naked eye. Even as information (color, fine details) is discarded, new information is being added that makes these familiar scenes seem alien and abstracted in a way any “clean” photograph never could. I especially noticed that I didn’t even recognize that the first exposure was depicting the trees along a highway, the location was completely obscured at first glance. Beautifully haunting exposures.

  16. I really like the tone these photos give off for the audience. I find it difficult to depict any sort of blurriness in my photos that blend in with an aesthetic which I think is done very well here with the use of the fog. I instantly think of these as a backdrop for a black and white horror film.

  17. I really like how pictorialist these images look. The texture and mood of the images make them seem like you’re using very old photographic techniques to make these. Even if this is something put in later in Photoshop or something I still think it’s a very effective look and I really enjoy it. These images seem to reflect an uneasy feeling, I think this could be pushed even further!

  18. I really enjoyed the photos. I liked the different things you were trying out with them! I specifically enjoyed the second photo. It gave a mysterious or eerie vibe while being still having clarity. I also liked the last photo. The textures you used gave the photo different light patterns that were interesting and caught my attention.

  19. These photos have really good composition. I find the telephone tower photo very intriguing because there are so many lines coming in and out of the photo. The black and white definitely adds to “cold” image you were trying to portray, as does the fog. Great work!

  20. These photos really convey a sort of mysterious, spooky mood. I like that the ghost like quality of the photos help to convey that. Really awesome work!

  21. The use of black and white eliminates information from the image, but that appears to be a good thing. You’ve re-added some of that intrigue back but overall these photos are precise and simplistic. However, the second photo seems out of place with the others, what with the sudden change in subject matter (from telephone polls to trees.)

  22. Your photos are really beautiful. The black and white contrast of the branches and the sky is aesthetically pleasing. The composition and perspective of the second photograph is very interesting especially the colors of the cloud. Great job done

  23. I think you really did a great job on capturing cool photos in daily ordinary places. With you composition and use of b&W films, you transformed our today’s life scene to something more historical and scenario feeling. I really like the mood you have in your photo.

  24. The contrast in these photos is amazing, and at first glance, the photos seemed unintentionally blurry and at the same time intentional. This series came out beautiful, and very pleasing to the eye.

  25. I think the second and fourth photo are the strongest in this set. I would say that the first and third photo look as though they are underdeveloped or under processed, but if that’s the look you’re going for in terms of eerie, it works!

  26. The graininess in these photos really works in trying to capture a spooky, uncertain mood. The way you set up your compositions is not perfect, but I also think that this works towards that uncertainness, and has somewhat of a raw, alternative feel to it. I hope you do use this format to experiment in filmmaking.

  27. WOW! I really think your technique is paying off. I do get and feel the creepy/ mysterious feel you are trying to go for. Great job!

  28. Your concept behind this set is very unique! The 3rd photograph is definitely my favorite due to the awesome texture you added.

  29. I really like how to manipulate B&W film to create suspense. The darkened highlights in the photos make it more suppressive and intense. I also think the large blocks of shadow with inconsistent lines of twigs and wires altogether create a contrast that is very ambiguous and visually pleasing. The inconsistent lines seem to stretch the shadow outside of films, creating an imaginary space.

  30. This is a really well thought out black and white series of images. I could make out the individual details from the trees and electric poles, which is awesome. This gives a vibe from the year 70’s or 80’s. All of the shots have balanced exposure and well composed subjects. I also noticed the grain effect from these shots which make it more interesting.

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