photography, St. Norbert College

​Morgan Pennings

Morgan Pennings
ART 2​80: Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging
Digital Print; 11×17′
5 photo series

In these photos, I wanted to capture the feel of an afternoon drive. Even thought there is nothing too special in the scenery, there are still elements about the drive that make everything so fleeting and beautiful.

42 thoughts on “​Morgan Pennings”

  1. o love the concept and thought process behind the pictures. I also enjoy the double exposure to the photos since this is something I want to try to do with my own photos. I also like how there is nothing special with the scenery but that it shows how everyday life, even long drives, can be beautiful.

  2. I think you were very successful in capturing the surreal daydreaming that happens for a passenger of a car ride through your layering of images. However, too many layers can make the image confusing and overworked. The overall surreal landscape you’ve created is quite striking.

  3. I enjoy these photos you took. The second one specifically caught my eye. I love the use of reflection in it. I think the use of the tree fits the rule of thirds well, both in the original and reflection. I also enjoy your use of the road. The lines of the road draw your eye toward the destination even if it is unknown.

  4. There is an incredible use here of the idea of natural, mirage-like reflections in car windows enhanced with double exposure to create lucid-dreaming alternate landscapes. Taken together, these three images instantly captivate the viewer with their complexity. The ability this technique has for showing more than one perspective of a scene at once has massive potential for juxtaposing subject, foreground, background, and even the camera itself in a single frame.

  5. The pictures and the concept you have chosen is great. I loved the pictures and the illusion they are creating. The reflection in the second picture is ao amazingly captured. I would have tried to bring a little more contrast to it. The first one is perfect. Amazing!

  6. This are all beautiful, the layering on one another confusing the eye and never letting me be sure exactly how many pictures I’m really looking at. The middle photos is a very nice reflection, and adds a strange sort of symmetry to this piece.

    The intersecting lines in the top photo mesh well together, but It doesn’t pan out quite as well in the bottom image. Overall, these leave the viewer with a sense of intentional confusion.

  7. I really love the one in the middle! However, with that image in particular it is hard to tell that you are in a car. Nonetheless I love the images and how you chose to flip it and make it more transparent. I feel it conveys your idea of fleeting very well. I also like the first picture, I like how the color of his jacket works with the surrounding.

  8. I like what you are doing with the shadows and reflections. Feels like a continuous and endless image. Did yo duplicate the middle one or that is how you shot it? I would like to see more depth to your project other than just beauty. What is it that you are trying to portray to your audience? I hope you can develop this idea to a more complete project. I think there is a lot of potential.

  9. These are very beautiful photographs. The double exposures and the color palettes are lush and consistent, making this series work well for me. Great job!

  10. You definitely captured the atmosphere of an afternoon drive. I love the tones and the colors, I’m not sure if you’re trying to portray a stressed vibe, or a calm vibe though. Driving combined with the doubling and manipulation of the photos kind of stresses me out, so I’m getting mixed signals

  11. I think there is a lot to be said about photography made while on the road and also a lot of work about ephemerality. Photography in itself is very fleeting as a art form so it’s definitely a popular topic. That being said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. I agree with others that the middle image is really great. Though it’s not obvious its taken in a car, I think the context of the other ones can get the viewer there. I like that you’re creating a real mood with these!

  12. Great photos. All photos have some type of refection displayed in them and I love that. I found the first photo very interesting since you could see the landscape reflection throughout the males body. I also like the third photo because it seemed like you could see what what was ahead on the drive and what was being left behind.

  13. The use of double exposure is pretty cool. I especially like your second one. It is so amazing that you use double exposure to realize a reflection of scene view. The third one makes good use of mirror reflection, let people feel like you are passing different moments when you drive, like a time line. The shadow makes me feel you are driving from some previous time till now, which is awesome!

  14. I often wonder how I can make my own landscape photography different from the norm, and you seem to have done just that with yours. There is a care-free, dream-like quality that you have created by rotating and repeating perspectives, and I would love to see more of this series.

  15. The layering aspect of these pictures is incredible. It really draws you in and makes you pay very close attention in order to see all of the details within the multiple layers. It’s a very intriguing element. I also think you portrayed what you were trying to do very well. I really enjoy these photos!

  16. The first image produces a strong sentiment of nostalgia and tenseness from the overlay in photos/ digital double exposure. The less vibrant colors also contribute to the nostalgic mood of the image and the slight blur is successful in creating more drama and focus on the subject’s tensed hand, which is in focus. The subject’s face being obscured works because of the hand’s positioning – it is still clear how they feel.

  17. The double exposure effect on these photos creates a sense of nostalgia and captures the feeling of driving aimlessly on a Sunday afternoon. The overlay of images creates a successful sensation of the distortions of landscapes when quickly glancing out the window in a moving car.

  18. I enjoy the layering of different images: I believe it adds movements to the work and a sense of time passing. I also feel that the muted colors aids in the objective of the work.

  19. The second photo you’ve posted has a vintage quality about it that I like, along with the colors and the scenery. I think it would be interesting to see how you progress that single photo into a series of double exposures, perhaps landscape photography centered?

  20. I love the double exposure effect combined with the overall softness of the pieces. They work really well together as a body of work. Nice Job!

  21. I really enjoyed all 3 of the photos. Not only do I like the colors and how they mix well together, I really like the reflections in all of the pictures. The last one especially catches my eye because even though it appears to be what your seeing through the side mirror, it also looks like what is ahead. I think you captured the afternoon drive vibe well. The pictures symbolize both whats ahead and what you are leaving behind, which I think is really cool.

  22. I think the use of multiple exposure in these really helps the loose and relaxed feeling of an afternoon drive. I am especially drawn to the second image, I love how reflective it becomes. Nice!

  23. Hi Morgan, your way of putting pictures one on another seems very interesting to me, I do wonder why you would perform this and why it is related to your theme here. That being said, in your second image, you decision to put one picture against the another vertically seems very cool to me, and your color tone is definitely on the nostalgic side. All in all, great work!

  24. The double exposures gives the work a dream like feeling. Compositions are great and interesting. You captivated the energy of a car drive in a very ephemeral way.

  25. I can definitely relate to these images on an afternoon drive. Your description explains these photographs so well because it is so easy to get lost in an afternoon drive. Sometimes you just space out and don’t even realize what you’re doing. It becomes normal and these photos somehow give off that vibe. Even though the photos have meshed together, it seems like something that you would see on a long car drive. I also like the color combo that you have with the green and blue cool-toned hues. I think the cool tones give off a surreal vibe because it puts you in a place that you’re not familiar with. Great pics and concept!

  26. I really like the way you were able to combine two photos into one and I think it really helps to tell a story. I really like the 2nd and 3rd photos because of the perspective you show.

  27. Double exposures can often feel very busy but you did an absolutely fantastic job of working around that in these photos. Theres something so simple and elegant about these photos that keeps me coming back to them. The mood, the colors, the compositions are all so great.

  28. First off, beautiful superimpositions. Together they remind me of the endless driving of a road trip. I also like that they are not super saturated. The muted tones work well.

  29. These are great images. I love the concept of capturing the reflections in the windshield of the car. I think for me this is a great representation of what i think of when i think of afternoon car rides.

  30. I like the simplicity of the actual idea behind these photos. I also like that they portray an activity that most people are familiar with, which creates a sense of nostalgia and memory.

  31. Even though the content of the photos are so simple and relatable, you made them extremely interesting. I really like the 2nd photo because of how you did the double exposure. Overall, great job.

  32. i really like how you captured the reflections, since the subject is inside a car and windows are all around, the reflections show everywhere, it is almost lkek taking a photo all around the subject.

  33. I greatly enjoy the haziness within each of your images, which definitely reinforces the daydreaming feel during your afternoon drive. In addition, I enjoy your color palette along with your compositional framing. Finally, I enjoy the double exposures that you incorporated within each of your images, I feel it adds a sort of depth and adds to the layered dreams aspect.

  34. This choice of documentation has an interesting approach to time passing. The cyan color tint (and yellow for the center photo) evokes an impression of looking through either sunglasses or a windshield. The compilation of photos seems to reflect on lost pockets of time during a frequented drive, as a familiar landscape becomes noticeable and invisible in different moments of passing. The middle photo has a bit of a different conversation then the other two, since it involves a clearer architectural/design decision, but could be combined in different manners in the future.

  35. Your use of layers are amazing! I really enjoy the last two pictures. It is intriguing to see different compositions on top of each other. They all together create a timeless and spaceless feeling.

  36. I think the way you captured these images makes them that much more beautiful, it’s just like a summer daze. When I think of an afternoon drive and I have no rush, it feels as though I’m sipping the elements around me and it’s so sobering because the world feels so different. I believe the way you layered your images and have them reflecting recreates that feeling.

  37. Such creative work you have done! The double exposure made the pictures looks artistic, and successfully depict the feeling of driving in a drowsy afternoon. Your idea of vignettes the images are interesting and giving a person with immersive feeling.

  38. I love your usage of double exposure! I think that, as you mentioned, the backgrounds on their own are maybe not extraordinary, but the way that you took the photos made them so. Super beautiful, you did a great job!

  39. I think that your use of reflections is very unique and innovative in photography. I enjoy hoy this effect makes it look like there is a landscape within an image and blends the outdoor with the indoor especially in the first picture. I also enjoyed your third image with the car mirror in which you can see that the subject is moving forward but also keep an eye on what they’ve left behind.

  40. All three of these images are so breathtaking. The translucency and reflectiveness is amazing and definetely captures the feeling of an afternoon drive through the country. The light shades of all the colors in the images adds to this aesthetic, making each scene feel so calm and relaxing. I love how creative the general theme is, but especially how the photographer made it even more unigue by using reflection and double exposure. This series was very well done and inspires me to shoot more images like this.

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