43 thoughts on “Jane Shen”

  1. I really love your work especially the third one. Particularly, the perspective it was taken from is very interesting. The lines of the balconies contributes to the overall beauty of the image. Great work!!

  2. I like the photo collection. I really enjoy the second photo. The fuel stop station and the sun set follow the rule of thirds. The sun set caught my eye as it got brighter towards the second third of the photo. I also like the use of light in the photo. It allowed you to capture the photo with keeping the vibrant colors of the sky and allowing the sign from the fuel stop to still be visible.

  3. I love the editing in these pictures! The saturation and use of unnatural colors makes these everyday sights seem like a dream I particularly like the first picture and its use of the slanted parking lines and contrasting straight vertical lines to create an interesting composition.

  4. I love the unity the blue and pink color scheme brings to these photos. It creates a very retro, outrun aesthetic that really complements the marooned-in-time subject matter, especially in the second photo with the classic “Fuel Stop” sign. I feel like these are separate places and times that have all been touched by the arrival of a light scheme that acts almost as a portal to a past time, visualized as this pink and blue sky, the apex of which these photos have captured.
    There is strong geometry use, both to flatten, as in the first and last frames, and to enhance dimensionality, as in the second and third. Wonderful command of both color and composition.

  5. I loved your set of pictures. Just the right use of exposure, contrast, angles and well played with the unnatural color and in natural light. The use of space, lines, and the touch up with the editing makes the pictures outstanding. Great work!

  6. I love this work. I really enjoy how you unified the images by having that rosy pink tone in all of them. Without the coloring it may have felt disjointed but the coloring really pulls it all together and makes it a cohesive body of work. I particularly enjoy the first and second to last image. I love how you captures the sun reflecting onto another building rather than reflecting in the sky. The illumination adds texture to the buildings and the tint makes it very whimsical or welcoming. Great Job!

  7. I really love all of these, that time of the day is my favorite because of all the different colors in the sky! My favorite is the third one, I really like the half circle of the building and the sky in the background. It really brings you into the photograph with all the different lines and colors. I also like how you used the reflection of the glass from the buildings to show the colors of the sky.

  8. The colors are harmonious and balanced in all images, which is satisfying to see all images in the series have consistency. Your composition is well balanced between negative and positive space. I think my favorite ones are the second and third images. The geometry is strong and you have reduced any distortions.

  9. I was immediately drawn to these photographs by the coloring of them. The way you found consistent colors in different settings is really cool. In the first photo on the roof, there is a spot on the right the might be a little over exposed that you could burn down. Really lovely set!

  10. I love the colors in this photo, the pink really adds a kind of serenity to the scene that you can’t really retrieve any other way. That combined with the time of day really captures a mood that is both lonely and happy at the same time.

  11. Beautiful lighting! If you don’t already know the work of Gregory Crewdson you should look him up. This twilight sky is so wonderful and I think a very difficult thing to shoot well. I think these are great but perhaps you could work on your reasoning for shooting these. Perhaps there’s a statement to go along with them, or a background story that makes you drawn to this type of work.

  12. I really enjoy your 3rd photograph of the curved building. I think the gradient across it works quite well. As a series, I think the colors really help tie everything together.

  13. Wow these are beautiful. Right away I was drawn to the color throughout the series, it’s a really fantastic scheme. Part of the fun within these photos is the content alone probably wasn’t all that exciting; from what I can tell it’s a small town with not much going on, the buildings are old and possibly haven’t been updated in decades. But you were able to capture some beauty with the help of the sunset. The one I find most successful is the second one, with the sign that says “fuel stop”. It has a comedic tone to it because of that sign, it gives the image some character and alludes to a narrative as well. I would say the first three are the most successful but all four images within this series are captured beautifully; i can see your choices of composition, focal point and lighting and all of that really made this series beautiful.

  14. I really enjoy this set of photos. You could have taken these at a different time of day and would not have gotten the same effect that the light has on the buildings. The sun reflecting off of the buildings created an element in your series that is hard to capture and you did a beautiful job.

  15. These set of photos are fantastic. The constant blue and pink colors really make the whole set pop out and also stick together. These photos make me think of perspective, especially with the third one. Great job!

  16. I love the color scheme in these photos. It gives them a watercolor-esque feel. I also like the sense of unison between the photos that the similar colors creates. Even though the subjects are vastly different from picture to picture, it is still easy to tell that this is a series. Well done!

  17. The first image has many leading lines that draw the eye around the shape of the house and toward the upper third (sky) of the image. The purple colors create a romantic, surreal vibe and the reflections in the windows make the piece more interesting. The symmetry of the left and right sides of the inn help to draw the eye to the center sign.

  18. The second and last photographs are especially successful in creating a beautiful landscape out of mundane imagery. Those two photographs also create a cinematic appeal in the way that they are shot as an onlooker. I appreciate the consistency in color palettes between all four of your photographs.

  19. The vibrancy of the colors you captured are honestly breathtaking. My favourite is the third one: the crisp edge of the building, the colors, and the curves that naturally guide the eye all show your knowledge of composition.

  20. The consistency of your colors is really soothing. Reminds me of cotton candy. Your work reminds me of a grad students at UW Madison who takes photos of similar desolate areas, but screen prints them for a different printing process. Your composition is very strong. That really carries these photos for me along with the crispness and consistency of content of the images.

  21. Great composition especially the buildings in the 1st and 3rd picture. Really like the vibrant cotton candy esque colors. Very sharp details as well

  22. Really enjoying the colors in these photographs. The second shot in these series grabs my eye and has me looking around the photo non stop. I love the way you were able to clearly show the ‘fuel stop’ sign. I think it adds so much to the composition. Well done!

  23. Love how you renders your color in these set of pictures, and the lines look sharp and the details in the high lights and shadow are preserved very well. As far as the composition goes, I think the object in the second picture could be moved to the right a bit. In a word, you really captured the essence of sunset very well.

  24. I love the pinky colors and straight angles in your photos, which reminds me of Wes Anderson’s movies. Especially in the first one you perfectly captured the front look of the building, presenting a profile sense. In the second one you did great on balancing the lightness of the station and the sky, which looks amazing.

  25. The consistent use of color across all the photos is stunning. The first two give me the sense I’m looking at the same sunset, yet facing different directions. The third is your strongest, the unusual perspective and wraparound making the viewer almost miss the subtle changes in the building’s color. The coolness of the subject matter makes the sky all the more vibrant, and therefor the reflections of it in the windows pop all the more.

  26. Great images. Beautiful colors captured. Usually sunset images can feel very cliche or cheesy. These feel very authentic, I think that has to do with your angles and the architecture you included in the images.

  27. I really like the third photo of the hotel that is curved because the sky is reflecting off the building and the vantage point is very interesting. In the second photo it really does a good job of following the rule of thirds.

  28. i really like how you made he colors of the sunset show on the subject of each photo, especially in the third one where it wasnt even in the picture.

  29. Jane I love these! The colors are so gorgeous and moody. They almost feel like they could be stills from a film. I also really love how crisp they are.

  30. I truly love the color in these pictures giving the series a throwback feel into the 1980’s maybe. The color scheme was the first thing that I noticed and what caught my eye because of it’s vibrance and overall intent. I also love how you incorporated the own in each picture which represents a unity with the series which I love. Overall I wouldn’t change much about the images and keep up the good work.

  31. JANE!!! I love these images!!! the are so vibrant yet so calming and I love that. I think you also did a great job capturing the subjects in these images and making them seem larger than life.

  32. These images caught my eye right away as I was scrolling through. The use of color is fantastic and I love that the first two images give more of a small town feel but the third image makes me contrast it with a big city feeling.

  33. What grabbed my attention was the colors in the photos. Gorgeous. I also loved the different vantage points and distances that the photos were taken. The second one is my favorite. I love the color contrasts and I really enjoy the subject of the photo. It has an antique look to it. I like how the background is slightly dark with the pink and orange sky, but the gas station is lit with lights, makes the picture look even more interesting.

  34. The colors in these photos are amazing! The only thing I would suggest is to center the third photo a little better. It may just be me, but I’m left feeling a little uneasy with how close they are to the edge, which makes it very apparent that they don’t line up.

  35. I love the color tone you have in your photos. It addes so much to the mood and makes them look very dreamy and beautiful in that way.

  36. Gorgeous photos! They show an understanding of architecture and composing space. The exaggerated color emulates a cinematic nostalgia. These photos remind me of some of Robert Adams’ photos of the American West under development and Gregory Crewdson’s use of dramatic light and color. All of the photos have muted tone, without any human presence.

  37. I really like this series of photos because of how the photographer used the colors and everything. But what draws me the most is the second photograph. I really like the symmetry of the photo and how the lighting is changing gradually from the left to the right. However, it would be even better if the photographer could crop out a little bit on the right side of the picture to make the photograph even more symmetrical when he was editing.

  38. Very inspiring set of photographies. The use of color and vantage point gives a very unique perspective to the landscape and architecture presented. The geometry and pattern style on some of your pictures give a nice perspective and symmetry. One can notice your great knowledge in portraying architecture and human-made landscape.

  39. Your photos have a wonderful pastel quality to it! The color and the way it’s diffused makes it seem like there’s this magical aura to your scenes. I’m guessing that this is a little after the golden hour–dusk? I think that you can take this series of yours to a massive scale and create a collage of these types of photos; it would be really neat!

  40. Fantastic use of color in these. Good choice on the time of day, as I think the colorfilled sunset combine with the two photos featuring fluorescent lights creates a really interesting mood. Strong composition in all of these, although I wish the third photo was perfectly symmetrical.

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