7 thoughts on “Michael Hamrick”

  1. I really like your work. The sequence at the beginning is very visually pleasing and smooth. I was very interested in what you used to film this. The tracking shots are done well and I feel you used the fish eye lens well. The dialogue seems casual and passionate not stage or anything. Overall I think you did a great job!

  2. I really like what you do from the top of everything! I think it really shows the environment and it has great color to the whole view! The motion is smooth and slow. Very beautiful video

  3. I think you did a really good job with the music for this and using a combination of scenes where the person is a voiceover versus when you can see them talking.

  4. This is really well done! The ambient music in the background and the drone work in the beginning of this video really brings me into the atmosphere of what a person must feel when they are immersed in the experience of skateboarding. It’s tranquil and relaxing and connects its users to one another. Excellent!

  5. The shots in this are very well done and the concept is well thought out. I think that this video could benefit from an audio standpoint though. The dialogue was panned hard right which I find strange and a little jarring. Also for the foley, the same skateboard ollie sound was repeated several times which gives it a “fake” effect. Other than that, great job guys, the video looks great.

  6. I met you in the library a long time ago and follow you on youtube. This is solid work man. I love the variation of camera angles and the voiceover really makes the video. The way he reminisces on skateboarding but is still dedicated to it is elegant. The audio you used behind the voiceover was also very fitting because it gave it good context for flashing back to when the guy was younger.

  7. This video is great! I love the overall quality of the work, it’s easy to watch and there aren’t distractions to draw me away from it all. I especially love the lighting when you are directly addressing people 1-to-1 (such as @0:35), it just adds to how professional this video appears. The drone shots are also amazing, and with that I really enjoyed watching this video, it’s very good!

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