photography, Western Michigan University

Billy Luc

Billy Luc
Art 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Prints; 8 x 11.5 inches
6 images are in the series
Title ” She Blurs, She Runs”

The film Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock had all my senses going crazy. The film focus around many themes, including: guilt, love, death, freedom and fear.

The two main character both had in common was fear. John has vertigo, causing his fear of heights. This fear caused him to take an abuse of leave from the police force for a bit of time. He wasn’t the same after an officer risked his life to try to save John from falling. The result of John not taking the office’s hand, was the office falling to his death from a building. Judy was fearful of losing the love of her life, John. Their whole relationship was based on a lie.

This body of work is influenced by the amount of fear portrayed from the film. The subject is slowly followed by some stranger. Slowly, but surely, she started to notice something is off. As you view the work, you will be able to see the natural beauty of the subject turn into paranoia, and than fear.

6 thoughts on “Billy Luc”

  1. After reading your statement, I can definitely see what you’re trying to portray in this series! Also, the composition is great, especially in the second and third photos. I think for the first one if you darkened the face a bit more, it would bring out her expression more. Great job!

  2. I really enjoy your style within these photographs. I feel like one of the most common portrayals of Hitchcock films is his use of style, so retaining your own while depicting his one of his films is of itself original. As far as the use of fear goes, I’m only catching a glimpse of it here. I feel unease and uncertainty, more like a depiction of Psycho than Vertigo. Also the neutral facial expression ends up throwing me out and maybe not giving me that selling point you’re after.

  3. Overall you did a really good job of capturing the feel of the movie Vertigo in these images. However I really like the first and third photo since they have the subject of the photo in focus. The second one seems a little hard to read and messy since it’s blurred around everywhere. I really like the idea but for me it just looks uneven. Overall I like the photos and think you did a really good job.

  4. These photos are very intentional and it is apparent the thought and care you put into them in regards to the film Vertigo. Though I have not seen the film I can sure the stylistic choices and the key words you used in your description like fear and freedom. I find the first two photos most dynamic and interesting. I think the last photo could be more playful from a different perspective, but overall these are consistent and thought-provoking.

  5. I think the first image is a little over exposed in the face of the figure. If it was darker I think I could feel that uneasiness more. The middle one is the most successful to me. I like that is is blurry and reflective. The attitude of the model does not quite match the theme though. She feels to confident and calm about her environment.

  6. I really enjoy how you framed these photos, though I think the lighting in the first one should be changed, as it really washes her out.

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