24 thoughts on “Tehan Ketema”

  1. Nice set of studio picture. Your model is well-lit, and there is plenty of sharpness as well. I especially love your idea of preserving traditions using digital photographs. In my opinion, it is definitely the way to go. Well done!

  2. You have really strong texture in your images. The different background colors really changes the mood in each image. All your images are strong individually, but at the same time they are strong collectively.

  3. I love the soft lighting, and the fact that the face looks untouched and not smoothed out. Gives it a more natural vibe. The gradient background in the second photo really goes well with the red piece of clothing. I appreciate how each photo uses a different lighting setup/angles, variation in exposure/brightness and also a different vibe/mood.

    (P.S hello Raph)

  4. The shawl your model is wearing adds an eye-catching color as well as an interesting texture to your photos. Nice work!

  5. YOOOO I am loving these. That gradient in the second photo is making me feel some sort of way. Same with the angle you shot her in that photo. The whole composition is really strong. I also really love all the headspace you gave the models in each shot. It really opens up each photo. The only thing I’m unsure about is the white on white in the first photo. At first I really liked it but then as I kept looking I wanted something to prevent my eyes from sliding right out of the bottom of the photo. I think even just having her shoes in the photo would do the trick.

  6. My initial thought was I loved how the white dresses blends right into the white back ground and all you see is a pop of color from the shaw and the models face. However, I think the photo is even stronger in the last photo where the hair blends into the back ground, since the models silhouette is outlined and emerges out from the back ground.

  7. I really like the first two where you can see everything clearly and have the white behind her is better than the last two which I seem to lose the image. The velvet red cloak gives the image a nice color tone to it and allows the viewers eye be drawn to it. Overall I like the pieces and contrast in them.

  8. The composition is working well in these three images. My favorite is the second image where the figure is investigating her garment. The lighting in each image looks intentional and thought out according to the models positions.

  9. I’m enjoying the different backgrounds in this series. I also love how the subject is relating to her clothing under the context of traditional photographs.

  10. The third image is dramatic due to high contrast levels and the blackness enveloping most of the back of the subject. The lighting and shadows on her face add to the drama and intrigue as well. Her placement in the center makes her face, the lightest area, the central focus.

  11. Really nice portrait! Especially like you made all the background clean, which made the person in picture more outstanding. The composition, focus, lighting of the photos are all in good control. Good job!

  12. Your color balance in these photos looks very accurate. I love the contrast between subject and background, as well as the capturing of the texture. The last photo is the most striking of the three, I’d be interested in seeing the visual comparison to the traditional photographs that you’re recreating.

  13. These rich color and texture of the model’s shawl in contrast to the backdrop is very appealing. In addition to this, the way your model is posed and styled is very regal. I think the gradient backdrop is working very well and would love to see more images using that. However, I do wish that the casted shadows in the second picture weren’t blocking off so much of the model’s face.

  14. I really enjoy the transitional approach these photos take. I’m not seeing much of the traditional aspect of these photos, considering if you mean culturally or stylistically, etc. I like the concept but maybe clarify it in your message or depict it in a clearer way. I do appreciate the subtle use of color with the shawl to bring your subject out rather than relying on your background to contrast with your subject all on its own.

  15. Beautiful portraits! I particularly find the stretching of fabric in the middle one effective. I do have one question. Was the large amount of head space part of the recreation? It’s an interesting composition.

  16. These are so beautiful! The lighting and the wardrobe appear like a painting in the stylization of the images. I also love the color pallet that you chose, perhaps this is part of the tradition, I am not personally familiar with it so I cannot say whether or not these images succeed in “copying” that technique or not, but these are wonderful images in their own right.

  17. I really love the image in the middle! The gradient works well with how the subject is positioned. I also like how the background is very cool in tone and the subject has that red and a bit of a warmer tone. Great Job!

  18. I love the use and color pop of the shawl in each of the photos. It creates a sense of identity of the subject and leaves the viewer wanting to know more about her.

  19. I absolutely love these images and you use of different backgrounds in each image. I think they play well with each other. My favorite image is the second image. I absolutely love that gradient background as well as the models demeanor!!

  20. I love the transitioning colors of the background in these photos. Comparing the first and the last they almost seem like they are of two different people!

  21. The clarity of your images combined with the softness of the light falling on the model is absolutely stunning. I enjoy that you used a variety of backgrounds throughout your series so as to avoid a repetitiveness. In addition, I enjoy the cultural aspects that you included within your work because it gives your viewer a true look at the Filipiniana culture.

  22. Really beautiful portraits. I love the grain background and how the lighting in the third background brings out the red in the scarf.

  23. Gorgeous! Nice balance of light and color on the bottom two. In the top photo, the highlights can be brought down since the white of the skirt disappears into the background on the right side, and the left edge of the frame dodged (or exaggerate the background gradient more). In the bottom photo, her shadows blend into the background, but I think the chiaroscuro affect works well in that case. The crushed velvet (?) material photographs beautifully and is hand especially well in the second photo. I’d be interested to see the second photo printed and how you push the space above her head in the bottom two be even further extended.

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