9 thoughts on “Ashley Holland”

  1. Amazing vantage point used in this set to give the objects in the photos a feeling of greatness and almost majesty. I like the natural light used in the first photo to draw the audience’s eye up the stairs.

  2. I like the vantage points used in all of the pictures. They give you angles that you would not see everyday which is interesting to look at. However, in the last picture I would have made the building in the center of the picture and straightened it out.

  3. As an individual who has not seem the film, I most likely understand these images a little differently. For you first photo I would consider the perspective in which you took this film and your shutter speed; it feels shaky, but I do get a sense of movement and the light coming from around the corner is great and adds to the story the image is trying to tell. The perspective of your second photo is beautiful.

  4. Although I haven’t seem the film, I guess a sense that the film utilizes imagery from unique vantage points (from the bottom looking up??) I think these images are very interesting, especially the second image. However; i don’t think the first image is as strong.

  5. I really like the angles and perspectives of all the photos. The first image has really captivating lighting coming from the right side and leaking into the stairs and metal handles with blue tones. The second image has an interesting split in colors and space of objects. Nice saturation and details in the third image as well.

  6. Interesting perspectives here. I feel like I want to see that second shot in black and white, the textures of that building might really come out if you processed it a bit further. Architectural photography is always a bit tricky to get everything lined up right, though that may not be what you are necessarily going for.

  7. I enjoy the perspective a lot in all of these. I enjoy the first one the most because of the glowing light from around the corner. It alludes to something and the stairs imply a sort of progression.

  8. The dramatic angle these are all shot in emphasize linear perspective and suggest movement even thought they are static images. I like that illusion and I haven’t seen Vertigo but I would definitely use that word to describe these images. If they were printed very large and were immersive, I think the audience would feel vertigo.

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