33 thoughts on “Binglun Hu”

  1. The third image uses shadows and symmetry very successfully to create a dynamic and interesting image. The rule of thirds is also used to highlight the blue door. The blues and cool tones in the image also work to create a more dreamy mood or dramatic, depending on interpretation, particularly with the added element of the door being elevated.

  2. I really enjoy the contrast between the centered and off centered vantage points used in this set. I definitely can see the lively Wes Anderson inspiration; the first photo especially reminds me of the Grand Budapest Hotel!

  3. The photos here are fantastic! The way you’ve used the snow and surrounding drab buildings in the first image is very well thought out. I feel like I’m waiting for a quirky character to come bounding out of one of the doors or to throw open one of the windows. Overall, well done.

  4. These photos have a unique symmetry about them, without feeling too predictable. There is something upfront about the way each of these facades stares the audience down, and the windows in the center photo give the impression that I’m being watched.

    The last photo is the most unique; the small strip of blue wall below the door gives the impression that its floating, contributing to the almost threading nature of this photoset. I feel as though these could have been improved if you’d continued the theme of symmetry with the center photo, but other than that you got the confrontational impression off nicely.

  5. The second images is really interesting due to the composition. How you cropped the image and the content of the image is very well thought out. The vines overtaking the man made building evokes thoughts about the relationship between the organic and inorganic elements, and the struggles that coexist between them.

  6. Really beautiful images. It would be interesting to see them in comparison with your inspiration, Wes Anderson. Your lines are right on, which is something that I personally struggle with. I do have to wonder about your color choices in your first image. Is there a reason why you kept the building in color but muted the background? It’s a curious choice, but I think it would have looked good regardless.

  7. I like how there is a juxtaposition with the architecture of the buildings. There different composition of the buildings are interesting. It’s not just the frontal view.

  8. My favorites out of these three images are the second and third images. I love how vibrant the images are and the use of symmetry displayed especially in the third image. There is something about the coolness of the shadows and the blue of the wall that I think really resonates with some of the brighter colors in the flyers.

  9. I really love the contrast in colors, even when they are in the same color family like the last one. I think that one has a lot of dimension and dynamic. It seems like there’s something ominous coming in the blue one, which is great! Nice job!

  10. I especially like the first and second photo because of the dynamics and how you filled the entire frame. They also have good eye movement and nice use of the rule of thirds since the first is in the center and the second has the door a little off center. the last one I feel could use a little more thought and development. I don’t feel like it belongs with the rest of the pictures.

  11. The symmetry in the first photo is beautiful, and the coloring of it makes it feel far more cheery than the others! It’s like it was pulled from a children’s story. Going on to the second and third photos, they seem to take a far more colder tone. Having all three together seems to show a transition from childlike wonder to a more cold, simple reality.

  12. I enjoy the color tone that each image has. It gives good balance between the reddish images and the more cool-toned image. I also like that the snow and sky provide a border around the first image.

  13. I feel as if you had captured the feel of what Wes Anderson is looking for when he directs a scene. I feel that same feeling I get when watching one of is films as I do when I look at the images above.The crispness of the first and second photos along with the symmetry found within is really well done.

  14. The visual balance in the images is definitely reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s style. The way you’ve centered all of the subjects gives them a sense of grandeur and importance. The third photo is actually the most visually interesting to me, because you’ve turned such an otherwise uninteresting door into a scene that really comes alive.

  15. I really enjoy the contrast between the focal point and the background in the first image. The flat, grey lighting in the winter, especially in the Midwest can make everything seem dull, but the colors in these are so vibrant. I also love the way you took a risk by composing the first image on the middle third, but still managed to make it aesthetically pleasing.

  16. I really enjoy these photos. They are all framed very well which makes them very pleasing to the eye. It also creates a sense of symmetry between them all which I liked as well. The colors in these photos are well balanced as well.

  17. Really like your symmetrical composition of the first and third photos. The coloring of the third shot is pretty nice as well. The relatively cold color makes people feel clean and neat. I also found out that you tried to include all the structures or sides of windows in the second picture, which definitely makes the whole picture look more complete and better.

  18. the first photo is very eye-catching because of the saturation difference you made between the areas surrounding the building and the building itself. I think there is a very fine line of when this technique can work and I think you did this successfully.

  19. I love the first photo. It is centered and the colors really stick out. I love the background being gray and the brick just pops right out to you. I really enjoy the symmetry within these photos.

  20. The symmetry in these photos are great. In the third photo the rule of thirds is disabled very nicely. The color contracts between the doors and the building in the second and third photos is very strong.

  21. I really like the vantage points you used in the photos. The clarity of the second photo is great! I like that you follow the rule of thirds with the door. The first photo, along with the vantage point, has great symmetry. I can see the inspiration you took from Wes Anderson.

  22. I love the good use of space in the first picture. It fits well and everything around the house acts as a nice natural frame. The contrast is great given the building is colorized and the rest is not.

  23. Amazing job on the first image. The building is straight on, and there is no lens effect or perspective distortion. Really good job on the symmetry and the color composition; even thought the background and the surrounding of the image is desaturated, it has not overwhelmed the image. The color and light exposure balance in the third image is also well done.

  24. All of these images were wonderfully composed and perfectly balanced with color. The amount of light you used to capture these images created a sort of softness to an otherwise very strong image. In addition, I feel that it was a smart move to shift the images to more of a cool toned color palette because it adds to the coldest of winter snow that is featured in two of the three images.

  25. I love how crisp these photographs there. The composition is so precise and these are just really pleasant photos to look at. Good job!

  26. Love that you’re getting some inspiration from Wes Anderson. The last photo in this series feels the most ‘Anderson’ to me. I think it has to do with the color palette observed in the scene, as well as the symmetrical nature of the objects in the frame of course. I encourage you to seek out other settings that exhibit muted colors and organic color palettes.

  27. Being very familiar with Wes Anderson, I can see the influence. The straight on view of these somewhat fake, eery looking places reminds me of his films. You’ve done a really good job correcting any lens issues and they architecture looks perfect here. I’d like to see more of these for sure!

  28. This is great! I actually clicked on this series thinking “wow this looks a lot like Wes Anderson” even before seeing that it was based on him. Excellent job composing the shots in a centered/off-centered symmetry. The first photograph could use a bit more contrast in my opinion, but the composition is so spot on. Nice Job!

  29. Honestly I’ve never thought Madison in snow could be this colorful. The symmetric composition definite reminds me of Wes Anderson. I’ve seen these buildings often so I would assume you post-edited color balance. It works great and catches attention. I especially love the second photo. With red-ish brown leaves standing out, slightly bluish white structure and colder brown blocks give a perfect industrial fantasy look.

  30. I think you did a great job of channeling Wes Anderson! I love the direct shots and the symmetry you used. The colors are really nicely vibrant and your images fit together really well. I especially like the second image! I think photographs that are closer up like that and lacking some depth are really interesting!

  31. I love how you used symmetry to grab the viewers attention and the buildings you choose to capture hold a lot of detail that you can look closer at as you look at the images. I wasn’t sure if I liked that you chose to make the background of the first image black and white, but I think it is powerful in making the main building the focus of the image. It feels like a stylistic choice that you made work well and accomplish its goal.

  32. These pictures are amazing. You definitely did manage to replicate the feeling of Wes Anderson’s films. I think you would more successfully replicate his color palette if you made the colors a bit warmer and pinker. But love the composition of the pictures, especially the third one with the blue door. The yellow light coming out from the door windows just add a nice color contrast to the blue door and building.

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