8 thoughts on “Juliette Baker”

  1. I actually completely got that vertigo feeling from looking at your series. Excellent job! The last one with the shoe hanging from the tree is amazing. I think it’s something with the contrast of colors in comparison to the two before it. Additionally, the distance from the ground of a tree being higher than a door or table makes it seem more extreme. Good job!

  2. All of these images feel like they are one the verge of something. Conceptually it is very clear and consistent. I think the most dynamic photo of these three is the last, for the contrast in color that the first two don’t play as much into.

  3. The first one that glass on the edge of the table making me stare at the glass of water for few seconds worrying it will fall down! So as the same effect of second and third ones. It is a really really interesting idea to take a series of photos with things looking like almost going to fall down but actually they do not. You successfully find a good viewpoint to take these amazing pictures!

  4. I’m very intrigued with your last photo because of the strick angle you took as well as the way the shoe is floating but looks like it should be hanging but isn’t attached. I think it would be very interesting to explore that idea more; defying gravity and creating those illusions. Overall the quality of your photos are really nice; the color is fanastic in the shoe photo and if you were able to capture that same contrast and color in the others they would be stronger. For instance, the first photo with the glass of water is a little flat because it is all of the same tone.

  5. These are fairly dramatic angles to be photographing such mundane objects. I think these perspectives would work better if your subject was something a bit more jarring. A glass of water or a watch hanging from a door handle aren’t necessarily doing it for me. I wouldn’t change your perspective, I feel like that is something you should hold on to. Just think about what you are taking a picture of and go from there.

  6. I cannot say whether these relate to the film or not, I have not seen it. But I can say I am not sure how they connect to one another. They are nicely executed images but I am having a hard time understanding how they fit together as a series. The strange angle they are all shot in makes me feel uneasy and small.

  7. Honestly, these just don’t really scream ‘vertigo’ to me. I think that something else could have been achieved with the look that you have here. There’s something that I feel about these photos but I don’t know how I feel about them tied to this topic. feelsbadman

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