31 thoughts on “Kayla Nelson”

  1. I really enjoy the simplicity of your images. They are simple objects in nature that you normally wouldn’t look closely at. Zooming in on these images forces the viewer to look and observe details they otherwise wouldn’t of seen.

  2. These images are quite beautiful and well made. However, I feel like theirs a visual disconnect between the first and following three images because the photo doesn’t feel as deep. I think you should keep working with this series of focusing on the details of these humble objects.

  3. I love the subjects you chose to photograph. I also really like the depth of field that you chose on all the pictures, making the focus very clear and the background blurred. My favorite picture is the second picture. I love how the flower in focus is on the bottom left hand of the picture.

  4. These images are too gorgeous. I love how close you are to the subjects without abstracting what they are. They are simple yet powerful!! You did a really good job. I would say you should play with the order in which you present these images though. I love the last image but I think when you present it last it kind of loses my interest.

  5. The fourth image utilizes the techniques of focal point, texture shape, and the rule of thirds to make the image more interesting and successful. The wood itself could appear to be unexciting if the image didn’t incorporate such vital qualities. The contrast of the black background with the light wood foreground is good as well.

  6. I remember seeing these photos during critiques and I have to say that the photos being seen on a computer are so much more vibrant than that on paper. I really like all of these photos placed together, it gives off a very warming feeling (most likely due to the warm tones of your image). I especially enjoy the first photo because it really hones in on the texture of the tree and the moss. It’s simple, yet complicated in structure and I think you captured that well. Good job again Kayla!

  7. These are beautiful. The color scheme is very nicely featured in the series. The texture in the first one these is also fantastic. It makes me feel like I’m there about to actually touch these things. Great work!

  8. I really enjoy the color theme you chose making it seem raw and beautiful at the same time. The first three images work well together but then the last image seems disconnected from everything else. I love the concept but feel there’s a deeper meaning through the pieces. I would love to see more images like this.

  9. I like the natural feel that the color in these photos provides. It really adds to the photos in a way that it makes you connect with these objects that you would usually just pass by.

  10. I love the simplicity of these photos. Without showing much the convey a lot more. Despite showing that these are taken of nature in the winter, their color makes me think of a a warm cozy cabin. However, the first doesn’t quite fit with the following 3. It’s just very flat, and the greenish yellow color in it doesn’t fit well either. Maybe if the photo was taken later in the day when the lighting wouldn’t be as bright it would contribute to the others better.

  11. The simplicity within this series is beautiful. The use of macro photography provides a new perspective on objects seen everyday and I really enjoy that. I also think that the color in each of these photos is balanced very well. The last photo doesn’t really seem to go with the first three, however, and it kind of creates a disconnect within the series.

  12. I think that your images are beautifully rendered. The texture that you captured is breath taking. Looking at every single crack and crevice in the bark and wood is exciting to follow. It makes your eyes move across the image. This photo set also embarks my other senses such as smell because of how detailed they are I feel like I am right there in the outdoors smelling the crisp air.

  13. Like your theme about nature! The overall coloring of the photos is warm style, which makes people feel like fall season rather than winter. This is interesting! I especially like your second picture of the flower. You make great focus on the object itself and blur the background, so as the fourth one, which focuses on the closest thing and blur the far scene. This generates great feeling and makes the overall structure better.

  14. There is a consistent playfulness with your use of depth of field and the theme of spring entering and winter leaving. I agree and think your first photo feels very different because you are not using a short depth of field, but thematically it makes sense.

  15. I really love these photos and the type of angle they were took. The last one is so clear and the angle is the best in that photo. I enjoy the beautiful colors that are displayed and overall how clear the photographs are.

  16. These close ups do a great job of showing the natures texture. My eyes were drawn to the symmetry displayed in the last photo, and I think its great. I enjoy the flower image since it has a strong focus on the flower.

  17. I love the photos! The clarity used in each image is perfect – it gives each image great textures. I love the depth of field in the second photo that you used. It perfectly left the one flower in clarity while blending the background together. I also really enjoyed the contrast in the last photo.

  18. The detail in this series is fantastic. Also, I like that even though it’s an outside winter atmosphere it still feels warm. I find the lines/space in the last photo particularly effective. Overall, great job!

  19. The close up photography looks natural. The angles used are perfect. I loved the second picture it’s perfect.I would have taken the first picture with a different exposure to add more contrast to the bark of the tree and the lichens.

  20. The first photo is my favorite! You excluded any background that may distract the viewers so I can only focus on the texture you captured. The repetitive patterns is smoothing and comforting. The color contrast also amazingly makes the green stand out and the grey wood as background. Everything is in balance. Amazing!

  21. The middle two images seem a little yellow. I like seeing the details in these textures and I always love seeing nature in photography. It is interesting to include the fourth image because, while wood is obviously natural, it is manufactured wood. These images together make me think about how we use nature and how we view natural objects.

  22. Your use of depth of field is very impressive. In addition, I find your earthy warm-toned color palette to be absolutely stunning and very cohesive throughout all of your images. I also enjoyed your comparison between the natural and the manufactured; it brings a new dynamic of what we as human beings find more beautiful, the natural object or the material object. Finally, I want to compliment you on your focusing skills because these images are so crystal clear that I feel like I could almost touch them.

  23. These are really beautifully done macro photos. They are crisp and clear photographs and you did a great job editing to make sure the viewer looks at exactly what you want them to. Great job!

  24. Most interested in the first image of this series. The close up of the bark almost becomes a landscape from above, which I find beautiful. It might be interesting to explore how close details of objects can transform into the opposite; vast landscapes that are taken from afar.

  25. The texture you’ve captured in the photos is quite awesome! And you also did a good job in the color contrast. I love the objects that you have chosen, which are natural, normal but fabulous in detail.

  26. I love how you showcased the details of everyday objects that people do not every really focus on. You chose a good depth of field.

  27. Hi Kayla,
    I love how you focus on textures and composition on your images and how you’re consistent with the warm tones throughout your images. The simplicity is pleasant.

  28. Kayla, I am blown away by your pictures! I love how the subjects you chose are something that anyone can come across in their daily lives but you managed to look at them from your own perspective. The second picture is most impressive to me. The depth of field, composition and color, all matches perfectly with each other. Again, wonderful job!

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