11 thoughts on “Mac Bryant”

  1. I really like the the makeup used to go into the girls portraits. The second picture a little out of focus but still a very well thought out piece. I love the costume changes and large jewelry in the second pieces. The photos work well together as a tryptic. What I would like to see is using the same girl having her do more expressions and maybe change up the mood a bit creating more depth and dimension in the pieces.

  2. This series of photos looks old-fashioned modern style for me. It is great that the background of the portraits is white. The second one is pretty interesting that you put the focus on the woman’s lip and neck place rather than the eye, which generally gives reader more emotional feeling. But the red lips and neck make people feel the sexy style of a woman. Like it very much and good job!

  3. Nice portraits! The white background really makes the model stand out. My eyes were drawn to the last photo because I like the distance from the model, and the position. I also love the red lip stick because it provides a pop of color to the photos.

  4. I love how bold these are! I wish the lighting was a little different in the second photo though. Maybe from just a different angle.

  5. These are lovely portraits. The composition and framing is beautiful and I love the boldness of the model and her expression. I do however think you pull back on the grain just a little bit in the last two images.

  6. I love the styling in these portraits, especially the wet slicked back hair. Along with the sharp contrast and red lips, it makes the shoot look edgy. I do think, however, it would be helpful to have the eyes in focus. Great job though!

  7. your images are overly sharp and contrasted. I suggest decreasing these effects to smooth out the image. The lighting in the third image is very well done. The second image could use a fill light from the left side to soften the shadows.

  8. I think the composition of these photographs are nice. However, theyre a little too contrasty and sharp, or the “clarity” function is up too high. Making them softer might help making them stronger portraits.

  9. I think I would enjoy these images more if they were less sharp and properly exposed. You’ve got the direction of the model down, I would just pay close attention to your workflow in post-production!

  10. The looks and framing are well curated within fashion aesthetics. However, I would go much lighter with the sharpening (It starts to create its own flaws at a certain point on the skin surface and coat fabric).

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