17 thoughts on “Sara Warden”

  1. Your photos are very crisp and the lighting is clean and promotes a great sense of the colors of the product, well done!

  2. You did a great job highlighting the shoes. As a consumer, I really want a pair! The different angles make the shoes textures come to life. Maybe try shooting on a black background to make the colors pop.

  3. These photos are so clean! They also look super professional because the background is completely cut out and all of the focus is on the shoes. I think these photos are going to work perfectly for your client because these look exactly like the photos you see in online shoe stores when viewing particular shoes. I also think you did a good job of trying to keep colors true to the real-life object. The angles are also very captivating because you have different angles that display an abundant amount of information about the shoes instead of just a straight on shot that wouldn’t give as much information. Overall, great job! I hope your client likes them!

  4. These photos are so clean! The technique you used to edit these captured the pure white look that I am sure your client is looking for in the world of online product photography. If anything I would consider blowing out the background in the bottom third picture more because it does have slight grayer tone than the other photos.

  5. These photos remind me of an ad of or online shopping which is great! Having the shoes against a white background really makes them stand out and the colors in the shoes pop nicely. The contrast is great.

  6. These images are great! You really got the white to look crips and clean. My favorite is the first one. I love the lace it makes the shoe fell alive and a bit more active. It makes the image dynamic.

  7. I am amazed at how pristine the white background is! These photos are just so satisfying to look at!

  8. These images are very crisp and clean and in my opinion very professional. I love that you captured the shoelace in the first image. It looks very natural!

  9. These photos are unbelievably crisp. The whites are so white, even when you printed them. That’s something that I personally struggle with. I could easily see these on any e-commerce website. Good job!

  10. These photos capture the texture and dimension of the sneakers very well. I am interested in the way that these products look and would be compelled to look into them/potentially purchase them if I saw these on a store website.

  11. I love those product shoots. I think you really did a great job to show products’ details. You present them in a vert clean and straightforward manner. I think this worked perfectly for customers who see those products!

  12. I’m lovin the crispy cleanness of these kicks. The way you curated the photos to minimize lens distortions and also create interesting additives like the shoe lace works very well.

  13. These photos look straight off an ecommerce website. Really well done and great lighting. The shoelace sticking out is a nice added touch.

  14. Love how clean these are. I also really enjoy how you’ve broken up the inevitable monotony of directed product shots by using the shoelace as a ‘prop’ in that first image. Something about that shoelace makes the image a bit more active, and helps me imagine the shoe in action. Nice!

  15. Super crisp & clean! They have great legibility of both sides of the shoes, with nice attention to detail (the back tabs and the shoelace). The white background blends seamlessly with the website white template as well. The only change I would make is enlarging the top two photos’ shoes in the frame.

  16. I love these images! They look very professional and really make me want to purchase these shoes. I like that you left the background completely white to not distract from the product itself. I also really like the way you laid out the shoe laces in the first image. It is slightly playful and highlights the pattern on the laces.

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