4 thoughts on “Tessa Vogel”

  1. Love the red lighting on the first image. Works really well with the closeup. It’s subtle and soft but really gives it that 90’s look. The composition is really nice in the second image as well. I like the angle and how the background is almost spit in half with the colors. For me, the first photo emphasized the model more compared to the second photo where it does look more commercial/clothing focused.

  2. The first image is done very well, in terms of composition and lighting. The red light reflection balances the red logo on the shirt. This is a really good promo photo. The second image is a little distracting with the trash can in the back. Maybe you can change the camera angle, or even crop that part of the image.

  3. Love how naturally you captured the model, the facial expressions and body positions all feel very genuine and original. The red light that is softly hitting her face in that first shot is really beautiful and isn’t overdone.

  4. I think this was already stated during out class critique but I think both the images could be lightened up a bit. I only say that because they are supposed to be selling the wardrobe and the black shirt is a little hard to make out. Also, having the model look away from the camera makes them feel more like an add and less like a portrait of this person.

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